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Grand Opening in August 20th

Taiwanilainen Lu on vannoutunut Nightwish-fani.
Taiwanese Lu is a dedicated Nightwish fan. Taiwanilainen Lu on vannoutunut Nightwish-fani. Kuva: YLE lu ya chien,fanit

The fabulous Nightwish package will be available on this site worldwide in August 20th 2016 at 2 pm (UTC+3). Make sure you're ready for it!

Nightwish fans from all over the world have been working with a documentary project since last October. Hundreds of fans from over 50 countries have been participating in many different ways: filming there lives and answering our questions about the band and fandom, doing our weekly filming tasks and sending photos and fan art, making music etc.

To Nightwish documentaries will include the following items and more big surprises.

To Nightwish with Love
A Film from Fans to Nightwish - full length documentary film. Available online worldwide.

The Webisodes

To Nightwish: First dive
“After discovering Nightwish I think my life has changed drastically.” Stories about finding music that made the difference.

To Nightwish: The universe of music
“I travel to the world of fantasy, I disconnect from this world.” Only your imagination is the limit when you travel with the music.

To Nightwish: The essence of fandom
“To be a fan is a part of identity.” Nothing compares to the importance of having an idol that you can share with like minded fellow fans. Except having that autograph just for yourself.

To Nightwish: Suomi
“Nightwish music romanticizes the landscape of Finland.” What is the truth about Finland behind all the myths and heavy metal music? Those who have been there have survived to tell their stories.

To Nightwish: Perkele! Practical Finnish
“Vodka antoi minulle ripulin.” A fan’s guide to practical Finnish.

To Nightwish: Tarja vs. Anette vs. Floor
“It’s like comparing apples to oranges.” In some parts of the world comparing Nightwish vocalists to each other can start a civil war.

To Nightwish: Maestro and the guys
“Tough question, since I don’t have a specific favorite band member.” Except Marco. And Emppu. And Jukka. And Kai. And Troy. And of course Tuomas.

To Nightwish: Treasures
“Nightwish fans can be easily identified by T-shirts or other merchandise.” Your personal Nightwish project can be anything from a car to a wheelchair.

To Nightwish: Every dream is a journey away
“Dreams can be massive things.” Nightwish music has some escapistic value, so the fans tend to daydream a lot.

To Nightwish: Strip T’s
“You can probably see in the background that I have quite a lot of T-shirts.” Peeling off a T-shirt after T-shirt reveals the deepness of your fanhood.

To Nightwish: The lyrics only you can understand
“If Tuomas had the time to write it, I should have the time to understand it.” The world of the Nightwish poetry can be perplexing and difficult, but also the most rewarding.

To Nightwish: Karaoke Love
Dutch-Finnish love was set on fire by Nightwish karaoke.

To Nightwish: Latin Love Score
Chilean-Argentinian love grew from Nightwish Facebook group into meeting at a concert and moving together.

To Nightwish: With Love from Chile to Tampere
Chilean Monika met Finnish Jan at a picnic in Helsinki. Now she moves with cats and dogs from La Cruz quinta to Jan's apartment in Tampere.

To Nightwish: Meet & greet with Tuomas
Six fans travel to Nightwish concert at Wembley Arena and have a surprise meeting with Tuomas.

And more

Making of To Nightwish with Love
“I value my privacy, but here I opened my life.” How and why did the fans dedicate four months to documentary making? This is an ultimate adventure to share.

To Nightwish: Music video
Nightwish hit songs Storytime and Alpenglow arranged as a medley by devoted fans. Performed by The Fellow Imagineers Band & Singers, fans from more than 20 different countries.

The Saga of Nightwish
The history of the band in seven captivating animated chapters by different storytellers and in different animation styles.

Fictive Nightwish Discography
Imagine what the next Nightwish album would look like! Here’s 24 different ideas for the next Nightwish album.

Plus other surprises from the world of music and fandom.

  • To Nightwish: Music Video

    Nightwish hits performed by band of fans around the world.

    The Nightwish fans made an impressive tribute to their idols! Nightwish hits Storytime and Alpenglow performed by fans around the world.

  • The call of Kitee

    Finnish small town Kitee attracts many Nightwish fans

    Finnish small town Kitee attracts many enthusiastic Nightwish fans. The band was born there and they are celebrated every summer by a music camp and festival.