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What do we offer to the public abroad?

Nainen kokoaa palapeliä ja kuuntelee puhelimella podcastia Yle Areenasta.
Nainen kokoaa palapeliä ja kuuntelee puhelimella podcastia Yle Areenasta. Picture by: Jussi Nahkuri / Yle Yle Areena,Yle,brändikuvat

Yle Areena is Yle’s main channel when broadcasting domestic programmes overseas. Other available content can be found on the website.

Our programme content is available in Yle Areena for watching and listening abroad as follows:

  • nearly all of the news and current affairs programmes
  • all of Yle’s radio channels live, apart from the digital radio service Yle Mondo
  • 82 % of the domestic programmes broadcasted by Yle

These radio and tv programmes are available to viewers abroad:

In Yle Areena many programmes can be seen from anywhere in the world. However, the copyright laws restrict the transmission of series, children’s programmes and drama. Programmes can be watched during a certain time period. This is also being regulated by the copyright laws.

New and old programmes are added to Yle Areena continuously. This way we can improve the service given to Finns living abroad.

Yle’s teletext service Teksti-TV is accessible abroad via the internet and mobile devices.

Yle Areena content can be used with Yle ID when traveling in EU

All of Areena content is available within EU when you log into service using your Yle ID. In Yle ID you must confirm that your permanent place of residence is in Finland.

You can use all of Areena’s video and audio content within EU by using the newest versions of Areena’s mobile applications. The applications are available for download for free in the app stores.

When using Areena with your browser you can watch and view the programmes that are available all around the world. 80 percent of Areena’s audio and video content are free to be used anywhere. We constantly work for extend the use of all content for the browsers as well.

How can I confirm my permanent place of residence in Yle ID?

To access all Areena’s content within EU please log into the service by using your Yle ID and confirm that your permanent place of residence is in Finland. This can be done by using your bank ID, mobile verification or electronic identification in service provided by Väestörekisterikeskus.

Yle does not save your place of domicile, social security number or other information. Confirming the permanent place of residence must be done only once.

Yle ID is free way of logging into Yle’s services.

Tv Finland

In Sweden Yle’s television programmes can be followed via mashup service channel TV Finland in antenna and cable networks. The signal sent through the Nacka, Västerås and Uppsala transmitters is free to be viewed in the coverage areas listed above.

Other service providers and operators can also take TV Finland as a part of their programme offerings.