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To Nightwish with Love documentary from fans to their idols

Fanien tekemän To Nightwish with Love -dokumentin promokuva
Fanien tekemän To Nightwish with Love -dokumentin promokuva Promo,Nightwish,To Nightwish with Love,to nightwish with love

"This is a documentary that I'd like to see right away," said Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish upon hearing about the crowdsourcing project underway at Yle, Finland's national public service broadcasting company.

What are Nightwish fans like, where do they live, and what do they dream about? Filmed by the fans themselves, the documentary relates their passion, devotion and admiration for Nightwish. To Nightwish with Love is an international project that portrays Nightwish fans around the world.

Nightwish is one of most succesful metal bands in Europe: the band's videos have had 680 million views on YouTube during the last fifteen months. The band has sold 8 million records, and its Facebook page has 4.4 million likes. The music of Nightwish connects people across countries and continents. What are Nightwish fans like, and what do they dream about?

The fans of Nightwish answer these question themselves in their self-filmed documentary To Nightwish with Love. The result is an honest, crazy and intimate documentary, one that could not be made under the pressure of a big filming crew.

"We received videos from fans from fifty countries," say the directors of the documentary, Kaisa Alenius and Harto Hänninen. "The survival stories of the fans and their studies of the Finnish language finally led us to understand how tremendously important the band is to their fans."

The fans also produced material in the form of music, drawings and animations. This way, the fans became part of the band's story.

The premiere of To Nightwish with Love will be on 20 August. The crowdsourced documentary will be shown in Himos, Finland, at an event beginning at 1 p.m. Members of the band and some of the fans that provided material for the document will be present.

You can also take part in the event online on Yle Areena, the web channel where the documentary will have its premiere at the same time as it is shown at Himos. The documentary will be broadcast online without geo-blocking, so Nightwish fans around the world will be able to see it at the same time with their idols. If possible we will arrange the Q&A with the band via email after the screening.