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Welcome to “To Nightwish with Love” documentary online premiere 20 August

The band will see To Nightwish with Love documentary in Himos with a bunch of fans, and you can participate in the event online. After the documentary the band answers the questions from the fans.

The documentary will be available at yle.fi/tonightwish

You can follow the event and the group's reactions through Nightwish Facebook Page's live broadcast. During live stream, questions can be posted in comments on band's Facebook Page. The band will answer fans questions.

Be ready to have two screens on: one for watching the red-hot documentary, the other to follow band's reactions.

Broadcast of the premiere begins on 20 August at 2 pm (UTC + 03) on Nightwish Facobook Page.

"This is an extremely fascinating project. Personally, I'm interested in seeing, what we've really been able to give the fans," says Tuomas Holopainen.

“To Nightwish with Love” is Finnish Broadcasting Company's production in which hundreds of Nightwish fans from around the world have participated.

During the past year fans worked on the project. The end result is an 18-episode web series as well as an hour-long documentary about Nightwish fans’ and music’s connecting power.

The whole “To Nightwish with Love” package can be watched worldwide, free of charge, starting from 20.8.

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