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How does it feel to have Anette's face tattooed on an arm?

Saksalaisen Nightwish-fanin tatuointeja
Saksalaisen Nightwish-fanin tatuointeja To Nightwish with Love,tatuointi

"As Nightwish gave me another life and strength to look forward after a suicide attempt in 2002, I decided to thank them and dignify it by getting a tattoo on my back", writes Izzy. From between her shoulder blades peeps out a tattoo decorated with Nightwish symbols.

We asked Nightwish fans to send us photos and stories of their tattoos. They are fascinating and usually behind the tattoo is a deep, personal story. The tattoos picture band's logos, signatures and scraps of lyrics.

But why on earth would anyone tattoo band's member's face on the skin?

"I got this as a memory of certain period of time, the people that I met, incredible gigs that I saw and fantastic time, that I lived and still live with Nightwish", writes 33 years old Johannes Grabarz from Germany. He has tattooed Tuomas's, Marco's Emppu's, Jukka's and Anette's faces on his arm.

Johannes got a tattoo in 2009 during Dark Passion Play World Tour. He doesn't mind that Anette, band's ex singer, stands out from his arm: "Anette was then a band member, so that's why her face, not Tarja's, is there. In any case, I'm not Tarja's, Anette's or Floor's fan, I'm Nightwish fan!!!" Johannes's next step is to get his son’s name tattooed on his skin and after that Nightwish project continues with Floor's, Tarja's and Troy's pictures.

Marco, who has seen Johannes's tattoos, said that if he was going to tattoo anyone's face on his skin, he would choose more handsome people and grinned.

Has Nightwish got to your skin? You can send a picture of your tattoo to the gallery and share your story.

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