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Floor Jansen: “I’m truly touched”

To Nightwish with love -dokumentin kuvaajat, yhteiskuva
To Nightwish with love -dokumentin kuvaajat, yhteiskuva Kuva: Sami Hahtala / Yle To Nightwish with Love

The premiere of To Nightwish with Love documentary was a success. The band watched the film and talked very beautifully about it. The fan filmmakers who were able to come to the premiere loved it, and the live stream at Nightwish Facebook page has already got almost 150 000 viewers. We as directors can’t but smile - it couldn’t have gone any better.

“I’m truly touched” said Floor Jansen after watching the film. Other band members were equally delighted.

Tuomas Holopainen was moved by the idea of music as a bridge between cultures: “That was simply brilliant! The highlight of the documentary for me was: it’s all about sharing. The fact we are able to bring people together regardless of nationality, age, gender or race, and give them the chance to live it all together, that’s what it was all about”.

Watch all the band’s feelings after seeing the film!

Fans from Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Serbia, Finland and Ukraine had gathered together for the premiere at Himos.

The premiere was streamed live at Nightwish Facebook page, and during the weekend it has had already been watched 150 000 times.

There were hundreds of fans from over 50 countries making the documentary last winter and spring. The final result is a web series of 18 parts, a full length documentary and lots of everything, open now on these websites.

The tv broadcasting in Finland will be August 28. It will be a whole night dedicated to Nightwish on YLE Teema channel, including a premiere of Nightwish Mexico concert, not seen anywhere before.

The premiere of the documentary was also noticed on newspapers and websites

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To Nightwish with Love is now available online worldwide.

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