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Yle turns 90 – transformation of media continues

Kuvia Ylen vuosikymmeniltä.
Kuvia Ylen vuosikymmeniltä. Picture by: Yle Yle,kollaasi,aikajana

On the ninth of September 1926, journalist and cultural figure Alexis af Enehjelm sat down in the studio and announced O.Y. Suomen Yleisradio – A.B. Finlands Rundradio's first broadcast as begun. The programme for the day included a talk on aesthetics, a speech by the managing director, music and news.

Yle will turn 90 on Friday, 9 September, and it will celebrate the anniversary together with the people of Finland. The anniversary will be present in visible and audio form in a variety of ways on Yle's channels, such as in the form of favourite programmes requested by the public and discussions. The importance of freedom of speech is discussed at the Yle Forum event.

The main task and operating idea of public service have remained unchanged – to serve all Finns, build democracy, and uphold civilisation, languages and culture. In order to succeed in this task, Yle must maintain the trust of citizens. Therefore, Yle and public service will undergo a reform to answer today's challenges in the next few years.

"At its best, Yle civilises, entertains and disseminates information at the same time. It has been doing that for decades, and it will continue to do so. Guidelines on the purpose, extent and financing of public service were prepared recently, and Yle has a stable position and support from both citizens and politicians”, says Kimmo Kivelä, chairman of Yle's Administrative Council.

"Finland, the Finnish society and people's consumption of media are changing. That is why Yle must also continue to reform. Yle beats with the pulse of Finns, we are in touch with people's everyday life and celebrations, and we create shared experiences. A reforming Yle must find ways to produce new trustworthy and high-quality content and services while safeguarding continuity. We want to keep Yle at the spearhead of development so that all Finns can be proud of it", says CEO Lauri Kivinen.

'Yle is today Finns' shared, well-known and trusted company that tells your story. Reliable information from Finland and the world in one's own language is right now – perhaps more than ever – the cornerstone of democracy.

The theme of the Yle Forum event on 9 September is freedom of speech, the significance of wihch is discussed by president Martti Ahtisaari from the point of view of building peace, among others.

The Yle 90 main celebration broadcast to all Finns will be televised and broadcast on radio from the Helsinki Music Centre on Saturday, 10 September at 6:30 p.m., Yle TV1, Yle Radio Suomi, Yle Vega and Yle Areena.

Martti Ahtisaari puhujapöntössä
Martti Ahtisaari puhujapöntössä Picture by: Ilmari Fabritius yle forum 2016,Martti Ahtisaari
Toimittajat istumassa tuoleilla, etualalla yleisöä, taustaseinällä Yle Forumin tunnusjuliste
Toimittajat istumassa tuoleilla, etualalla yleisöä, taustaseinällä Yle Forumin tunnusjuliste Picture by: Ilmari Fabritius yle forum 2016

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