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Yle is to take a big leap towards an internet based television at the same time traditional broadcasting will remain strong

Taustalla nainen katsoo tv-ruutua, etualalla nainen selaa tv-tarjontaa tabletilta.
Taustalla nainen katsoo tv-ruutua, etualalla nainen selaa tv-tarjontaa tabletilta. Picture by: Yle Kuvapalvelu: Jyrki Valkama nettitelevisio,netti-tv

The Finnish Public Service Media company Yle is about to take a big leap to live up to the audience's changing media habits and and technological developments. Yle wants to increase its tv-services on the Yle internet player, Areena/Arenan and at the same time go down from 4 tv broadcasting channels to 3. This would happen in spring 2017.

The first step in this direction was taken today, on the 20.9.2016 as Yle’s Administrative Council decided to conduct a Public Value Test before the Council makes its final decision - one way or the other later this autumn. In a Public Value Test the public value of a significant service is measured as well as the impact on the market. According to Finnish law anyone can put forward their opinion in this kind of a test, not only the market players.

The idea behind the Yle plan is to look at publishing in a different way, as a whole, not only broadcasting but also include internet based services. In reality the planned change would mean the Swedish language programming Yle Fem and the Yle Cultural channel Teema would be placed together in one channel. The two channels would continue operating under their current channel brand names. Their presence would also be made stronger on the player Areena/Arenan.

The Yle services on the player would also become more diverse covering live streaming, offering niche programmes and distribution of total tv-series. This renewal shall have some minor precisions to the profiles and programming of the channels Yle TV1 and Yle TV2.

"Yle is renewing its tv-services to guarantee that Yle content will be relevant and interesting for all Finns. This is a way to challenge the audience's changing media habits as the role of the internet has grown. The focus is shifting from traditional tv-distribution to broadband and HD", says the chair of the Yle Administrative Council, Kimmo Kivelä.

"Yle wants to cherish quality content. All of the quality content we produce or buy will be distributed also through the traditional tv channels, even if our focus more and more will be on publishing and publication on the Yle player", says Ismo Silvo, Director of Media at Yle.

"As a whole the Swedish language programming will become stronger. The cohabitation with Yle Teema in one channel will give us possibilities to develop programmes and the player in Swedish", says Marit af Björkesten, Director of the Swedish Yle.

For more information please contact:

Kimmo Kivelä, Yle Administrative Council +358 9 4323 075
Ismo Silvo, Yle Director of Media +35840 5051 924
Marit af Björkesten, Director of Yle Swedish language programming +358 50 3738 979
Marit Ingves, Head of PA, International Relations and Policy +358 406789811