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EBU members worked on a shared metadata model at Yle

EBU:n CCDM tapaaminen Ylellä 2016
EBU members from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Finland worked on CCDM model. EBU:n CCDM tapaaminen Ylellä 2016 Picture by: Hannu Haapasalo, Yle Euroopan yleisradiounioni,ebu ccdm

Yle hosted members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) at an international meeting in Helsinki on 11–12 October. The aim was to develop the Class Conceptual Data Model (CCDM) built together by the members of the EBU. The model helps to understand what key data of media companies consists of and how metadata and workflows are interconnected.

High-quality and varied metadata will produce benefits for the audiences in the future. The project improves the ability to find programme content online. At the same time, the aim is to make the use of services more personal.

“Yle is currently investigating what metadata will be required in broadcasting in the future. Purposeful metadata improves the services offered for example to Finnish people, such as the ability to find programmes, and offers more advanced customisation,” says Kim Viljanen, concept designer at Yle and one of the organisers of the meeting.

“The objective of the EBU is to standardise the international language of metadata. The CCDM aims to identify and organise standard data for media companies, including individual video files, agreements and services,” Viljanen says.

Increasing data volumes are setting tighter and tighter requirements for the data systems of media companies.

“In the future, the CCDM will help the broadcasters to build a better architecture for their businesses so they can worry less about technology and focus more on the storytelling to their audiences,” says Tormod Værvågen, system architect at NRK, the Norwegian public broadcasting company.

“The main result of this event was that we took the next steps forward in the CCDM specification, which also covers the planning domain. We have also been working with business processes and business objects that are compatible with the CCDM model. And, this together will form an architecture framework for the broadcasting industry,” Værvågen says.

The EBU meeting was held in Helsinki, with representatives from seven EBU member countries taking part. Yle and MTV Oy from Finland are involved in the development of the data model.