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Gunilla Ohls: Yle adapts to fast changing media-usage

Henkilökuva, Gunilla Ohls katsoo kohti
Gunilla Ohls Henkilökuva, Gunilla Ohls katsoo kohti Picture by: Yle Kuvapalvelu gunilla ohls

Media consumption has quickly become mobile. Your personal mobile device feeds you with a constant stream of stimuli – more than you could possibly ever delve into.

In Finland four out of five consumers have unlimited data plans in their mobile subscriptions, which encourages video content consumption. Viewing internet video content on mobile devices is already a habit in every other Finnish household. The media faces a fierce battle of audiences’ attention, as described in more detail in this infographic.

We are well on our way in renewing public service media. One of the main questions is to find a good balance between traditional broadcasting and new online and mobile services, which enable us to make the changes to respond to the changing audience needs.

We have already started renewing television. We will boost the user experience of our online services and and find new ways to serve and communicate with young audience (see: Yle Strategy Yle 2020).

We develop more personalized journalism and culture services, so that everyone benefits to the maximum. (see: Personal Yle – Public Service Media at its best).

We’ve developed a news app to filter the essential of news (News watch ecplained, video) and we are on the lookout for tomorrow’s media service concepts (see: Yle Beta is an incubator for future media experiences).

Our children, the next generation, are the drivers of change. What kind of media service do you see your children using in three years time?

Gunilla Ohls, Director of Strategy and Business Development