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Norma John - Press kit

Norma John
Norma John Kuva: Anton Sucksdorff Photography Norma John,Euroviisut,Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu,umk17

Norma John will represent Finland in Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with their song Blackbird. The band will compete in the first semifinal on Tuesday the 9th of May. Here you'll find Norma John's press kit for media use.

You can read, view and download the material below. You'll find links to Norma John's social media channels at the bottom of this page. Requests for interviews please contact: harri.hakanen@yle.fi.

The Norma John press kit includes

Blackbird is a haunting ballad with Scandinavian rugged beauty. You can listen to the song in Spotify or watch the official video in YouTube.

Promotional photos

You can download the hi res promotional photos of Norma John in TIFF and JPG formats here. In the link you'll find three different photos both in color and black&white. Photography credit: Yle / Anton Sucksdorff.

Norma John bio

Norma John is an indie-spirited pop band formed by Leena and Lasse, two long standing friends. Their music is full of strong cinematic feel, visuality and Scandinavian rugged beauty. The duo are musical soul mates and share a quirky sense of humour. In January 2017 Norma John was in the Contest for New Music (UMK) with nine other participants at the Espoo Metro Arena. The song Blackbird brought them a clear victory and Norma John is now Finland's 51st representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.

"We wanted to take the next step with our music and UMK was perfect for this. We felt that it was time to do this. And the Eurovision Song Contest is a fine way of bringing cultures and people together through music."

Norma John's gorgeous Blackbird will be seen and heard for the first time in the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine, on Tuesday the 9th of May.


Norma John, un groupe de pop, type rock indépendant, est formé de Leena et Lasse, deux amis de longue date, dont la musique est marquée d’une forte sensation cinématographique, pleine d’éléments visuels et de beauté scandinave épurée. Ce duo partage une âme musicale unique et un sens de l’humour curieux. En janvier 2017 Norma John a participé au concours UMK (concours finlandais de la musique nouvelle), en collaboration avec Metro Areena de la ville d’Espoo, avec neuf autres concurrents. La chanson Blackbird de Norma John a remporté une nette victoire. Ainsi sera-t-elle sera la 51ième représentante finlandaise du Concours Eurovision.

"Nous voulions prendre la prochaine étape avec notre musique, le concours UMK se présentait comme une occasion parfaite. On sentait que le moment était venu. Pour sa part, le Concours Eurovision est un excellent moyen de rapprocher les cultures et les gens à travers la musique."

La chanson magnifique Blackbird de Norma John sera entendue et vue pour la première fois à Kiev en Ukraine, dans la première demi-finale le mardi 9 mai.


Norma John on Leenan ja Lassen, kahden pitkäaikaisen ystävän muodostama indiehenkinen popbändi, jonka musiikki on täynnä vahvaa elokuvallista tunnelmaa, visuaalisuutta ja skandinaavista karua kauneutta. Kaksikkoa yhdistävät myös musiikillinen sielunkumppanuus ja omituinen huumorintaju. Tammikuussa 2017 Norma John kilpaili UMK-voitosta yhdessä yhdeksän muun kilpailijan kanssa Espoon Metro Areenalla. Blackbird-kappale toi selkeän voiton, jonka myötä Norma Johnista tuli Suomen 51. euroviisuedustaja.

”Halusimme ottaa musiikkimme kanssa seuraavan askeleen ja UMK oli tähän täydellinen juttu. Tuntui että nyt oli tämän aika. Euroviisut puolestaan on hieno tapa tuoda kulttuureja ja ihmisiä yhteen musiikin kautta."

Ensimmäisen kerran Norma Johnin upea Blackbird kuullaan ja nähdään Ukrainan Kiovassa euroviisujen ensimmäisessä semifinaalissa tiistaina 9.5.


Norma John Q&A

Who is Norma John?

Norma John is a Finnish indiepop-band of two people, Leena and Lasse. We write and produce our own songs. It is our passion and we've been writing music together since we were teenagers. Norma John came together 2008, but we've always had some kind of band together.

Where does the name Norma John come from?

We were thinking about a name for our band and it just came out of a joke about Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy, how they allegedly had an affair - but the name doesn't have any great meaning to it. The name just kind of stuck. But we are still happy to be Norma John. It fits us!

What is your song Blackbird about?

We made Blackbird like we always write our songs. We get together and just start writing what feels good at the moment. The song deals with the idea that when you have a broken heart you want to forget the one who broke it. We felt the song was simple but very strong and dramatic.

How did it feel like to win the UMK in Finland?

It didn't "sink in" right away, and it took a moment to realize it. But it felt amazing!

What is your relationship with the Eurovision Song Contest like?

We both have watched ESC since we were little and it is an honour to be a part of it. It is a great and important format to cross borders with the power of music, and help forward equality.

The most vivid memories, favorite moments and songs in the past ESC’s?

We both remember Lordi, cause it was the first and only time Finland has won the ESC! But we both feel that one of the best songs in Eurovision has been Loreen's Euphoria. It was powerful and fresh sounding when it came out!

How do you think Norma John will stand out in Kiev?

We are just going to be ourselves and do our best. We will rely on our own style and vision of the song and hope it will at least get us to the final!

What do you know about Kiev and Ukraine?

There has been lots of news about Ukraine in the media and of course we know about the political state of the country, but otherwise don't know that much about it yet! We hope to fix that! We think Kiev is a beautiful city and we hope to get to know it better in May!

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