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Midsummer of all time!

kaikkien aikojen juhannusjuhlien kuvakooste
kaikkien aikojen juhannusjuhlien kuvakooste hulahula suomi

This year Yle organized the biggest midsummer party ever seen in Finland. Hulahula Suomi, the production that covered the whole country, was part of the Suomi 100/Finland 100 -celebration.

Its purpose was to make a new world record by getting as many people as possible to dance together at the same time. The previous world record was made in 2006 in Netherlands, when 265 000 people danced at the same time.

TV show of Hulahula Suomi production, the biggest in history, reached 1 238 000 viewers during the evening. The broadcast took 5 hours in all, but the most viewed moment was at 22.00 o’clock, when 222 542 people around Finland danced Hulahula sung by the young Finnish pop singer Robin.

Hulahula was also noticed in other countries. In North-America, South-America, New-Zealand, Africa and many European countries Finns participated the party of all time.

The finnish stiffness was gone, at least for a while. Social media filled with pictures and videos of people dancing around Finland. World record wasn’t made, but the greatest midsummer party ever succeeded very well. Robin says that he would have never thought what it would become when he was planning the song in studio.