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Jouko Jokinen appointed director and editor-in-chief of Yle’s news

henkilökuva Picture by: Yle Jouko Jokinen

Yle’s Board of Directors has appointed Jouko Jokinen as the director of Finnish-language news, current affairs, sport and regional programming, and acting editor.

Jouko Jokinen will take up the position by 1 December 2017.

Since 2010, Jokinen has been the editor-in-chief of regional newspaper Aamulehti, and before that was editor-in-chief and publisher of regional newspaper Satakunnan Kansa. He has also held managerial positions at national paper Helsingin Sanomat. Jokinen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree.

In arriving at its decision, Yle’s Board of Directors emphasised Jokinen’s notable journalistic experience.

“Success in this position requires the will to produce first-class news, current affairs, sport and regional programming that is meaningful in the Finnish context”, says Thomas Wilhelmsson, chairman of Yle’s board of directors.

"The head of Yle’s news programming must also be able to lead a large news organisation and direct the policies underlying high-quality, independent journalistic work. Jouko Jokinen meets these conditions in the best possible way”, Wilhelmsson says.

“In an uncertain and ever-changing world, trustworthy news is becoming more and more important. Our job is to produce new and verifiably fact-based information,” says Jouko Jokinen, who has been appointed director and acting editor at Yle.

“I want to be part of building an even better Finnish news service that is valuable to everyone in Finland, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to do so in this capacity. There are many high hopes and expectations to live up to, and I want to take up the challenge of meeting them humbly and with an open mind”, Jokinen says.

“Jouko Jokinen will have an important role in developing this news organisation, and also brings a fresh outlook to the company’s leadership. We are a valued pioneer among European broadcasters, and we want to strengthen this position even further”, says Yle’s CEO Lauri Kivinen.

The director of Yle’s news operations is responsible for Yle’s news, current affairs, sport and regional programming in Finnish, and serves as the unit’s acting editor. The director is also a member of Yle’s management group, reporting to Yle CEO Lauri Kivinen.

Yle’s news is well respected in Finland for the reliability of its programming. Widespread trust in Yle’s news broadcasting is vital for the organisation’s continued ability to meet its public service responsibilities. Yle produces journalistic content based on truthful, relevant and multi-faceted communication of information, and is committed to following the guidelines for content and journalism of the Union of Journalists in Finland, as well as its own ethical guidelines.

The acting director of Yle’s news, current affairs, sport and regional programming since 1 June 2017 has been Marit af Björkesten.

More information:
Lauri Kivinen, CEO, Yle,

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