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Audience ombudsman to strengthen Yle’s relationship with the audience

henkilökuva Picture by: Jussi Nahkuri / Yle sami koivisto

Yle has appointed an audience ombudsman, Sami Koivisto. He currently works in the News and Current Affairs department as a social media editor involved in improving the handling of social media feedback. Sami Koivisto will take up his new position on 1 November 2107.

Previously Sami Koivisto has worked with editorial tasks at the opinion editorial and web news desks in Ilta-Sanomat.

The audience ombudsman’s task is to aid Yle’s editor-in-chiefs, the head of ethics, and the journalists. Among other things, the audience ombudsman explains the reasons for Yle’s journalistic decisions and other conclusions to the public.

“Yle is expected to be open and transparent, and since the introduction of tax funding, expectations have become even more pronounced. In addition, the media culture of the digital era requires us to engage in open dialogue. Continuous interaction with our audiences strengthens the acceptability and efficiency of public service”, says Ismo Silvo, Yle’s director of media.

The audience ombudsman will focus on increasing transparency in Yle’s operations and enhance the dialogue between the company and its audiences. Yle also wants to improve the handling of incoming feedback.

“With all the various emotions that Yle evokes in Finland, there is really no shortage of questions, opinions and ideas relating to us. We hear them and embrace them all”, says Sami Koivisto.

“At Yle, the voice of the taxpayer is also the voice of the owner. As audience ombudsman, I will do my best to increase transparency at Yle. My ambition is for Yle to have smooth handling of incoming feedback and a well-functioning dialogue with our audiences”, he adds.

Yle listens to Finns on several platforms

Yle receives a great deal of feedback from the population, via diverse channels. Last year, records show 140,000 telephone, e-mail or online contacts. In addition, a lot of feedback is channelled via social media and to the programme creators directly. Yle also regularly gauges the Finns’ opinions using a range of surveys focusing on its programmes and impact. Every year, 40,000 Finns take part in various surveys on Yle’s programmes and services.

Based on the feedback and the surveys, Yle evaluates the appeal of programmes, new media phenomena, and Finns’ attitudes towards Yle’s operations. The feedback and surveys are often key to programming decisions and creation of new services.

Yle’s Board of Directors created earlier this year the position of an audience ombudsman. The position is within the Media unit, and the audience ombudsman reports to Ismo Silvo, Yle’s director of media.

For more information:
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