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Saara Aalto to Represent Finland in Eurovision Song Contest – UMK18 Gets a Makeover!

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailun 2018 pääelementit, englanniksi
Uuden Musiikin Kilpailun 2018 pääelementit, englanniksi Picture by: Yle Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu,Saara Aalto,umk18

Saara Aalto has been chosen to represent Finland in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest! Finland aims for high results with one artist and three songs – which song will make it all the way to the Lisbon Eurovision stage? The public will decide together with international juries.

For the 2018 season of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, (Contest For New Music, abbreviated UMK) The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle has decided to give UMK a makeover and renew the process of choosing Finland's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. Finland's entry for Eurovision 2018 in Portugal is Saara Aalto.

In the UMK18 show, Saara will perform three songs composed specifically for her. Of these three individual songs the viewers and international juries will get to choose the best one to be performed in the Eurovision Song Contest in May in Lisbon. The selection process will be broadcasted live from Espoo Metro Areena on the 3rd of March.

Saara is highly motivated to represent Finland in Eurovision. “I know that this journey is going to be fantastic regardless of the results of the actual competition. I'm of course jumping right in with the attitude that I can win the Eurovision Song Contest – or at least finish in second place! That's something I've been great at, no doubt about it,” Saara jokes.

The three songs and music videos will be published later during Spring 2018. The exact timetable will be revealed at a later date. Saara assures that the three songs will differ from each other and that all of them will get a spectacular, unprecedented stage show.

“There won't be any of that “let's just throw in something” vibe. Every detail will be thoroughly thought out and delivered to the maximum. This is going to be a superb experience for the whole of Finland! I have a strong Finnish and international team with me, together we're able to make great things happen.”

Saara Aalto’s full interview in Finnish is available here. Watch Docstop: Saara Aalto on Yle Areena.

Why the Makeover?

The main purpose of renewing the UMK Contest is to gain better success than on the previous years in the Eurovision Song Contest.

“We believe strongly that luminous Saara Aalto who is building an international music career is our secret weapon to success. We are putting all our best efforts into having three captivating songs and shows to choose from, with the best one staged in May in Lisbon,” says UMK Producer Anssi Autio.

This is the first time ever that a Finnish Eurovision representative has been selected via invitation. For the last six years Yle has held an open call for Finland’s Eurovision entry through the televised UMK show. An open call was held also for a spot in the limelight for the 2018 Eurovision.

“Who makes it in Eurovision and how to achieve that spot in the ESC Final is a mixture of various factors as Eurovision history has shown. We are confident that we now have in our hands the recipe for success,” Autio states.

Tickets for the UMK show on the Metro Areena will be available for purchase from the 14th of November. The televised live UMK show will be hosted by Krista Siegfrids and Mikko Silvennoinen.

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