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There will be a change of CEO at Yle

Yles vd Lauri Kivinen
Yles vd Lauri Kivinen Picture by: Sus Productions Lauri Kivinen,Yle

Yleisradio CEO Lauri Kivinen has announced he will leave his post before the end of 2018. He will be working in the private sector. Kivinen has been CEO at Yle since 2010.

The Yle Board of Directors will immediately start looking for Kivinen’s successor.

“Yle is a great and important media company and is very closely connected with the lives of all Finns. Yle’s task as upholder of democracy and culture is highlighted as the information exchange becomes even faster. It has been a privilege to be able to head the company in transformation for eight years. Yle is well and our connection to the audiences is strong, it is the right time to forward the leadership”, Lauri Kivinen says.

Kivinen will tell more about his new challenges later this spring. In his opinion the most important reforms conducted this decade are connected to legislation and digitalisation.

“Through a broad societal debate Finland has a legislation that gives Yle a stable perspective for the future and also guarantees the company an appropriate remit, governance and supervision”, says Kivinen.

According to Kivinen Yle is at a proper forefront in the digital information exchange. At the same time, these technical changes have to take place at a pace that means everybody is able to keep up.

“Yle has strongly advanced the digitalisation of Finland both when it comes to technologies and services, as well as innovative content. This has been possible only thanks to enthusiastic top professionals who with passion have taIken on our remit.”, says CEO Lauri Kivinen.

The chairman of the Yle Board of Directors, Thomas Wilhelmsson says the application process will start immediately.

“Lauri Kivinen has in a very significant way contributed to making Yle one of the frontrunners of PSM in Europe according to EBU, this is trough his ability to meet the challenges created by digitalisation. I want to thank Lauri Kivinen warmly for the impressive work he has done”, says Thomas Wilhelmsson.

“To master both the cultural and the technological rupture requires a broad knowledge and good management skills. I believe the strong Yle brand will attract the best ones to join the application process”, says Thomas Wilhelmsson.