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SuomiLOVE to be produced at Mediapolis in Tampere

Ellinoora, Erin, Laura Närhi ja Haloo Helsinki esiintyvät SuomiLOVEn 4. kauden päätöskonsertissa.
Ellinoora, Erin, Laura Närhi ja Haloo Helsinki esiintyvät SuomiLOVEn 4. kauden päätöskonsertissa. SuomiLOVE

SuomiLOVE, Yle's popular and award-winning music series, will continue for at least two seasons. The production of the show developed by Yle and Warner Bros. will move to Mediapolis studios in Tampere.

Yle reached an agreement with Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland Oy on two new SuomiLOVE seasons. According to the agreement, they will be filmed at Yle studios in Tampere. The fifth season will be produced during autumn 2018.

“We have excellent TV production skills and traditions in Tampere, as well as good partners. The move of SuomiLOVE to Mediapolis indicates that we want to advance the creative industry in Tampere”, says Ville Vilén, creative director at Yle.

At Mediapolis, Yle has highly modifiable facilities, good production equipment and one of the best studios in Finland, where programmes of Yle and other production companies are filmed. Yle has carried out different cooperation projects with various partners at Mediapolis since 2011 and opened Mediapolis for other production companies in 2014.

Studio segments of SuomiLOVE will be filmed in the autumn, and different episodes will be aired in the spring, starting from January 2019. Each season always ends with a live concert where the most popular love song selected by the public is announced.

Arttu Nurmi, commissioner of entertainment and culture at Yle, is happy with the new agreement. “The new production environment allows us to raise and diversify the concept to a whole new level. We are able to provide viewers with even greater SuomiLOVE experiences”, Nurmi says.

SuomiLOVE has led audiences to Finnish stories and emotions through music for four years now. The most recent episodes have had an average of 826,000 viewers.

The series has won four Golden Venla Awards for the best entertainment and music programme of the year. The format has also raised interest in other countries, and it has aired, for example, in Estonia, Belgium and Switzerland.

Mediapolis is a community of more than 30 organisations and nearly 2,000 media professionals and students, and the partnership also involves the City of Tampere. Mediapolis is the hub of Yle's regional operations, where nearly all of Yle's children's programmes and various factual programmes are produced.

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