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Social media guidelines

Yle's content on social media

Guidelines approved by responsible editors on 11 May 2015. Guidelines supplemented on 13 October 2016 with the addition of the visibility of commercial trademarks by responsible editors.

An increasing amount of communication takes place on social media. Yle must be part of this trend.

Through social media, Yle can reach a higher number of people as well as audiences it cannot reach otherwise. By using social media, we can build new content together with our audiences.

Yle must be present on social media – respond to questions and react to comments. Online communication skills form part of the expertise of Yle employees. What we do on social media requires that we assess our actions continuously and are ready to make changes.

On social media, we abide by the same laws, values and code of conduct as in our other publication activities. In addition, the same editorial decision-making processes and responsibilities as those used in other publication activities apply to social media.

Setting up social media accounts for Yle is subject to a written plan. The person who sets up an account must answer the following questions:

  • What is the target group? Why is the account necessary?
  • Who will maintain the account and how? What resources are available?
  • How can we measure success?

The head of content (head of department) gives the right to set up an account as proposed by the person responsible for social media services.

Yle employees in social media

1. Think how your actions on social media affect your credibility as a Yle employee. You cannot decide whether others see you as a Yle employee or a private person.

2. Consider how you express your opinions. Do they question your credibility or that of Yle in the eyes of others.

3. Value your colleagues in all contexts. Your colleagues and your employer expect you to be loyal, also on social media. Internal matters must be kept inside the company. This is also common practice in other companies.

Remember that you cannot use your public image resulting from Yle's programming activities to promote the sale of commercial trademarks, for example, by adding product logos to your social media site.