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A Finnish take on "Y.M.C.A."

NMKY, a music video shown in the Finnish television show Hepskukkuu, became the world’s most popular online video on 24 August, 2007. The video amassed hundreds of thousands of views in a single day.

This is the English version of an article originally published in May 2007. The original article by Jukka Lindfors can be found here.

“NMKY” is a translation of the Village People hit “Y.M.C.A”, a song that topped Finnish charts in January 1979.

On 24 August, 2007, Hepskukkuu’s version became Viral Video Chart’s most shared video of the past 24 hours. Viral Video Chart combined data from YouTube, MySpace and Google Video.

Gregorius, following in the footsteps of Salomon, Oliver, Markus, Greger and other Finnish stars of the 1970’s, never made it to the charts despite his strong boyish energy.

His performance is supported by Jari Samulin’s dance group and Olli Ahvenlahti’s band.


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