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Yle broadcasts the summit of Trump and Putin all over the world

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The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle is in charge of the TV and radio arrangements of Trump's and Putin's summit meeting in Helsinki, in cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Yle will produce the international feed of the summit between Trump and Putin in cooperation with EBU. The signal will be offered to the TV companies of the world and it will be transmitted to, for example, the press centre of the summit, Finlandia Hall, which is the main operational hub of the international press.

In addition, Yle and EBU will provide TV companies with different technical solutions and services in the central venues of the summit.

"Yle has extensive experience in the TV productions of large, international events. For example, Yle has been involved in producing the international feed of the Olympics, and our competence is valued abroad. It is great to be allowed to broadcast the key moments of this summit to the world," says Timo Huovinen, the event's Executive Producer at Yle.

About 80 Yle employees will take part in the production. Production preparations began immediately after Yle's role as the Host Broadcaster was agreed on with the organisers. The planning schedule was exceptionally tight and the strict security measures have also added to the challenge.

"We are carrying out the work of several months in just two weeks, and in a production like this, almost anything can happen. I admire the enthusiasm and competence that have built this exceptional production in Yle," Huovinen says.
The summit interests media all over the world. In addition to Russian and American TV companies, the feed produced by Yle will also be available to all EBU companies, for example. Finnish and international media companies also have the opportunity to stream the signal on their websites.

Yle will produce international feed of the major events of the summit, for example from the meeting place, the airport and the possible press conference.

Jere Nurminen
Head of Communications, Yle