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Mirette Kangas: Turn your company into the benchmark of the new company culture

Mirette Kangas polkupyörällä
Mirette Kangas polkupyörällä Picture by: Mirette Kangas / Yle lean-ajattelu,mirette kangas

At Yle, developing company culture is tangible and practical everyday work for us. It is neither a development programme nor a project. We believe that this way the change will become part and parcel of our structures and those structures will change naturally.

Here, the change is based on voluntariness – it is the basis for growth and mutual learning. We are boldly applying a wide range of agile methods to how we manage and do things and adopting them in the manner that best suits our needs.

“I like to think that culture changes through experimentation, even in leadership roles.

I like to think that culture changes through experimentation, even in leadership roles. It is important for leaders to understand on a daily basis, whether they are preventers or promoters. This is assessed daily in the networks, where the leader works, and at best, earns their leadership position.

The mission of Yle’s Lean-Agile Accelerator is to ensure Yle’s competitiveness in digitalisation through an agile company culture. The view is set firmly into the future (H3, McKinsey: Three Horizons of Growth), and how innovative methods are implemented in everyday work from this day to the future. Pioneer companies also create benchmarks themselves through the renewal of their company culture.

We will now open a few tools applied in Yle’s agile change journey for all of you to use freely. We hope that they will bring joy and be of use. The significance of networks is crucial in bringing change, which is why we will gladly hold a continuous dialogue on both the change journey and the tools with all of you development travellers. We believe that joint development will diversify thinking, activities and tools. And, as is shown in the pictures of my presentation, a change journey is not only challenging, but fun.

So here is Yle’s Lean Culture Toolkit for you to use. Have a nice agile change journey and stay in touch with us in the future as well.

One key to the network: #leanculture


Mirette Kangas
Founder of Agile Company Culture Accelerator
Twitter: @mirettekangas

Tools for an agile change journey:

This blog by Mirette Kangas was published at the Agile 2018 conference on 7 August 2018 in San Diego, where she talked with Antti Kirjavainen from Flowa Oy about the development of Yle’s company culture implemented through its Lean-Agile Accelerator. This conference, held annually in North America, is generally considered as one of the most important events in the field.