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Tenders for Yle in Brief

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Any procurement of supplies or services by Yle are subject to Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts and other procurement related laws and regulations.

Yle is a customer of Finnish government's central purchasing body, Hansel Oy ( Yle uses Hansel’s services whenever it is possible.

If you need information about acquisitions of broadcasting licenses – see our page International Programme Acquisitions.

Yle’s policies in procurements

  • Yle treats all candidates in tenders equally. Yle follows the rule of transparency and requirements of proportionality in all its bidding competitions.
  • We respect the intellectual property rights of our contracting parties and expect the same from our associates.
  • We never disclose our tenderers or contracting parties’ commercial or business secrets. We protect confidential business information, technology and content.
  • We comply with procurement related legislation in all our actions.
  • We comply with all regulation against corruption. All payments done on behalf of us must be marked into bookkeeping accordingly.

We expect ethically sustainable activity and compliance to Yle’s partnership principals from our providers.

If you want to provide goods and services for Yle

Bidding competitions

Yle’s currently open bidding competitions can be found on the official Finnish website for public procurement contract notices Hilma (only in Finnish and Swedish). You also find them on Hanki-supplier portal. On these forums Yle publishes a notice of every acquisition that crosses the threshold value stated in Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts.

If there are no ongoing bidding competitions

If Yle has no ongoing bidding competitions in your field of business, You can send an inquiry directly to a person/unit who is in charge of purchasing supplies or services in question and ask whether there are any upcoming bidding competitions in Your field of business.

In general, Yle makes procurement agreements in phases of several years. Yle purchases some of the products and services also using framework agreements made by Finnish government's central purchasing body, Hansel Oy.

You can market your supplies and services to Yle in a conventional way. You can also meet Yle’s professionals in different events and conventions, for they follow the markets of their own field of business regularly.

Tips and instructions for bidding competitions

  • Tenders for Yle are always submitted through Hanki -supplier portal in an electronic form.
  • You can find user instructions of Hanki-portal on:
  • Yle does not accept tenders in a paper form
  • Tenders should always be submitted by the deadline. Tenders that arrive after the deadline are not accepted.
  • Any changes to a tender should be done before the final deadline. Please notice that if you edit an already submitted tender you need to re-submit it. If you don’t re-submit the tender, it will never arrive to Yle’s system.
  • It is well advised to read all documents relevant to tendering carefully before applying.
  • Make sure that all required attachments are found in the tender you are about to submit.
  • Always provide all prices in the correct, requested form.
  • Please make sure to clearly mark any commercial and business secrets in the documents You provide.
  • Any questions about the procurement documents should be submitted within the deadline. Yle will not disclose any information about the person/company submitting questions to the public or other tenderers.
  • In order to guarantee fair and impartial treatment of the candidates, insufficient, ambiguous or unclear proposals may be rejected.
  • As a rule, any terms contrary to the call for tender are excluded from the process. Yle has limited possibilities to ask for further clarifications about tenders.
  • Yle will not provide any information related to ongoing competitive tendering outside the supplier portal and procurement documents.

Transparency of tendering process

Transparency of the tendering documents is subject to the provisions in section 138 (2) in the Act on Public Contracts (1397/2016).

The bidding documents and details submitted by a tenderer will be made accessible to the parties of the tendering procedure.

Documents provided by the company taking part to the tender shall be subject to parties’ right of access in relation with the procurement process.

If tender documents contain information that tenderer considers to be part of their commercial secrets, tenderer must clearly mark any documents which of them are confidential.

Tenderers are to clearly mark where the submitted material contains confidential business or professional information and, in an unambiguous manner, separate such information from the other material. The total comparison price is not regarded as a business or professional secret (Section 11, Act on the Openness of Government Activities).

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