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LIFT is a meeting point for media and culture: key topics are future and meaning

Lift-tapahtuman kansikuva
Lift-tapahtuman kansikuva Picture by: Yle tapahtumat,lift

The new media, art and culture event LIFT invites renowned speakers to address themes such as the meaning of media and the ways that emotions influence the brain. LIFT embraces all the senses at the Cable Factory in Helsinki on 17–18 October.

The programme for the first day takes an in-depth look at new media phenomena and trends. Yle is the main sponsor of LIFT and the programme on the main stage will be streamed in Yle Areena. Most of the events will be in English.

LIFT is a two-day festival targeting media professionals, technology developers, cultural operators, artists and experts in new storytelling. In addition to the future, the key themes of the festival include drama, curating contents, and the ways in which young people renew the methods of storytelling and use various channels and platforms.

LIFT has its roots in Yle Lab’s Media Digital Summit debates and the Cable Factory’s creative work and business event SULA. LIFT is the result of a joint effort by Yle and the Cable Factory, the City of Helsinki, the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK) and a number of other partners.

The media day will be opened by Merja Ylä-Anttila, CEO of Yle. The list of inspirational participants includes Eli Pariser, who coined the term “filter bubble”, Noreen O’Toole and Halle K. Phillips, producers of the TV-series Westworld, Benji Portwin, product manager of Spotify, as well as neuroscientist Katri Saarikivi, and Esko Kilpi, expert on digital working, along with many other interesting Finnish and international names.

“For the past few years, technology has been the key theme in discussions about media. Our aim is to focus also on what makes media meaningful, and whether technology meets people’s needs. Media and media content are important only if they help people to better understand what is happening in the world. At LIFT, we are convinced that by bringing media, culture and art together, we can boost this,” says Head of Multiplatform Ritva Leino from Yle, who is in charge of the programme of the media day.

“Culture, art and media are the cornerstones of our society. They are able to comment, portray and create phenomena in every area of life. It is important for us to understand these phenomena and keep up with the development in Finland and internationally. LIFT gathers the newest and the most interesting parts of culture, art and media from all over the world and is a meeting point for the experts of these fields,” says Kai Huotari, managing director of the Cable Factory.

In addition, there are loads of activities on the LIFT live stage. The names featuring on the programme include directors Selma Vilhunen and Katja Gauriloff, as well as Anna Brotkin, a screenwriter for the Putous TV show, Veera Ojola, creator of the insta-drama Karma, Anna Salmi, GIF animator, and the YouTubers Seksikäs Suklaa and Dosdela.

The awards in Yle’s new video contest Shortland will also be presented at LIFT. The aim of the contest is to bring new Finnish video creators to the fore. At the Shortland gala, an expert jury will present awards to videos in seven different categories. The programme also includes interesting new productions from Yle, such as the VR documentary Hullujen hautausmaa (“Graveyard for lunatics”), which was created using 360° and 3D technologies.

For a more detailed programme, go to the LIFT website at

Lift is organized by Yle (multimedia development unit Yle Lab, Yle Production and Design and Yle Marketing), the Cable Factory, City of Helsinki, Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK), Art and Culture Professionals’ Trade Union TAKU, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, AGMA Agents and Managers in Creative Industries, and Sun Effects.