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The first of its kind in the world: Yle NewsWatch’s smart Voitto assistant shows recommendations directly on the lock screen

Voitto-robotti Picture by: Yle robotit,journalismi,Yle Uutiset,Voitto-robotti

When using the Yle NewsWatch app, the Voitto robot now shows news recommendations on the screens of Android devices. This is the world’s first smart news robot that shows recommendations directly on the lock screen.

Users can activate Voitto’s smart recommendations, for example, through the NewsWatch app’s notification settings.

“Voitto is a smart personal news assistant that makes sure that you do not miss anything important. You can tell Voitto how interesting its recommendations are to you directly on your lock screen, without needing to open the app”, says Jarno M. Koponen, product owner of Yle NewsWatch.

Based on machine learning, the Voitto news assistant uses historical data to recommend interesting content. Its recommendations are also based on the themes each user has selected in the NewsWatch app.

“Digital services are becoming more personal, and we want to develop our services in accordance with Yle’s journalistic values and mission. This is the first version of the Voitto assistant, and it will be developed actively and together with its users. The idea is to produce experiences that provide people with new concepts and perspectives.”

Voitto has two lives. It has also helped editors to write articles about the results of municipal elections and scores of NHL games. In the NewsWatch app, Voitto is a personal news assistant that offers interesting articles easily on mobile devices.