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About Yle

Yle's year 2018

The most used contents of the year

We ensure that all people in Finland have equal opportunities to receive information, gain new experiences, enjoy entertainment as well as educate and develop themselves.

We produce programming and services in Finnish and Swedish. Our special mission is also to provide services in the Sami and Romany languages and sign language.

In 2018, we reached 95 per cent of all people in Finland through the television, radio or online.

Television, radio and Yle Areena offering in 2018

Extensive selection of sports throughout the year

2,000 hours on television and 2,200 hours on Yle Areena. 1,500 hours on the radio.

Nationwide news and current affairs

1,200 hours on television and 5,200 hours on Yle Areena. 9,600 hours on the radio.

Regional programmes and current affairs

800 hours on television and 2,900 hours on Yle Areena. 2,600 hours on the radio.

Safe contents for children and the young

1,500 hours on television and 12,700 hours on Yle Areena. 73 hours on the radio.

Extensive selection of sports throughout the year

2,000 hours on television and 2,200 hours on Yle Areena. 1,500 hours on the radio.

Culture and entertainment such as comedy series and FRSO concerts

2,100 hours on television and 1,500 hours on Yle Areena. 24,800 hours on the radio.

Factual programmes, including education and science

5,100 hours on television and 5,400 hours on Yle Areena. 8,400 hours on the radio.

Quality drama on tv and on radio

5,100 hours on television and 5,500 hours on Yle Areena. 2,5800 hours on the radio.

Areena hours include TV programmes published in the service during 2018.

Yle TV1 is the most viewed TV channel in Finland, with the Presidential Independence Day Reception the favourite in 2018

Television continues to be a medium that brings people together, even though TV-viewing decreased slightly from the previous year.

  • We reached 78 per cent of people in Finland weekly via television, and the corresponding daily percentage was 52 per cent.
  • Yle TV1 maintained its position as Finland’s most viewed channel.
  • We broadcast approximately 18,850 hours of programming on television. Completely new programmes accounted for 41 per cent.
  • Domestic productions accounted for 54 per cent of the programming, while the share of programmes of European origin was 88 per cent.
  • On Yle Fem, we broadcast approximately 2,380 hours of programmes. The channel enabled us to reach approximately 410,000 TV viewers per day.

Our most viewed programmes on television included The Presidential Independence Day Reception, The Olympics in South Korea: Nordic Skiing and The European Athletics Championships.

Share of content units of total hours of television programming in 2018, tot. 18 852 hours

  1. 27% Drama
  2. 27% Factual
  3. 14% National News and Current Affairs
  4. 11% Culture and Entertainment
  5. 11% Sport
  6. 8% Children and Youth
  7. 2% Regional News and Current Affairs

Yle Radio Suomi is the most popular channel nationwide, with Onnen sävel phone-in a long-term favourite

Radio listening has maintained its stable position.

  • Our radio channels reached 53 per cent of people in Finland every week and 36 per cent every day.
  • Of the Swedish-speaking population, our weekly reach among those over 9 years of age was 92 per cent, and the daily reach was 73 per cent.
  • Yle Radio Suomi (nationwide, 18 regional stations) maintained its position as the most popular radio channel in Finland.
  • We broadcast a total of 94,592 hours of programmes on the radio.
  • The share of music in the national programming was 50 per cent.
  • The share of domestic programmes in our radio programming was 99 per cent.

Our most popular programmes on the radio included morning programme Ykkösaamu on Yle Radio 1, Onnen sävel phone-in on Yle Radio Suomi, morning show for young YleX Aamu on YleX and talk on politics Politiikkaradio on Yle Puhe talk channel.

Share of content units of total hours of radio programming in 2018, tot. 47 234 hours

  1. 52% Culture and Entertainment
  2. 20% National News and Current Affairs
  3. 18% Factual
  4. 6% Regional News and Current Affairs
  5. 3% Sport
  6. 1% Drama
  7. 0% Children and Youth

Starts in Yle Areena increased by 100 million: Pirjo and Ryhmä Hau were the most popular programmes

  • Video or audio recordings or live radio and TV broadcasts on Yle Areena were requested 620 million times. This showed an increase of nearly 100 million.
  • Yle Areena reached 53 per cent of people in Finland every week and 36 every day.

The most viewed contents on Yle Areena included comedy series Pirjo, Ryhmä Hau (Paw Patrol) animation for children and Finnish crime serial Karppi (Deadwind).

Investigative journalism reports and various competitions popular online

  • An average of 3,579,000 people visited Yle’s online and mobile services monthly.
  • Our online services reached 63 per cent of people over 15 years of age in Finland; in other words, approximately 2.7 million people.

Our most popular online contents covered, among other things, the use of power in the film industry, domestic violence, and the treatment of special-needs children in care facilities.

Visitors also tested their knowledge in the Kisapähkinä quiz on the Olympics and in the Futistietäjä game during the FIFA World Cup.

For more information on our most popular contents on different media, see the Yle's customer relationships 2018 presentation (pdf).

Reach of Yle's media, explained on the text
Reach of Yle's media, explained on the text Yle
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