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Yle's year 2018

Well-being at work and equality

Yle employees are enthusiastic about their work. For decades, we have been carrying out goal-oriented and active work on equality, with good results.

We carry out an annual ’A Good Day at Work at Yle’ survey among the Yle employees, which covers the meaningfulness of their work, workplace atmosphere, supervisory work, and the company policies. The survey response rate among the personnel was 72 per cent, and the overall grade they gave was 3.70 on a scale of one to five (2017: 3.74).

The 2018 survey highlighted a strong confidence in supervisors and the work community. Yle employees are also enthusiastic about their work. Trust in the management and the sense of being heard improved. By contrast, the transparency of Yle’s operations was considered to have weakened slightly.

We support well-being at work individually as well as through the counselling of managers and various programmes aiming at improved working ability. Training has been provided in work-shift planning, for example, to reduce the health effects of irregular working hours. In addition to preventive action, the company organises support and exercise groups.

Employees can participate in a number of activeleisure time sports and hobby clubs, which promote well-being at work and job satisfaction.

Realisation of equality

Exactly half (50%) of Yle’s permanent employees are women. Women account for approximately 55 per cent of journalists, editors and producers.

However, there are some smaller professional groups where the majority of employees are either men or women. We intend to focus on these problem areas more intensively in 2019.

In the collective labour agreement area of employees engaged in programme production, the average salary of women is 99.7 per cent of the average salary of men. Among the entire personnel, the corresponding figure is 98 per cent.

We updated our equality and well-being at work plan in 2018. We highlight equality in recruitment, internal rotation, and salaries, in particular, in the plan.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, bullying in the workplace, and other types of unprofessional behaviour. Preventive measures are taken to avoid problems and clear operating models are in place to address any issues.

Kuvassa Ylen kesäharjoittelijat.
Kuvassa Ylen kesäharjoittelijat. Picture by: Väinö Vasara/Yle harjoittelijat,arkistot
Kuvassa Ylen kesäharjoittelija Abdulmutaleb Serag.
Kuvassa Ylen kesäharjoittelija Abdulmutaleb Serag. Picture by: Väinö Vasara/Yle harjoittelijat,uutiskuvaus

We work to promote equality

Our objective is to recruit employees from a wide variety of backgrounds, whose competence suits the duties.

We established a training programme aimed at

  • Young people who have finished their basic education but have no vocational training
  • Individuals with limited functioning, such as the media assistant students at the Vocational College Live, and
  • Young people with immigrant backgrounds, e.g. through the employment project of the Finnish Refugee Council.

The traineeship is a paid position and lasts 1–2 months.

According to our experience, the traineeship programme functions very well and we will continue it in 2019.

  • Content highlights of the year

    Get to know our most important projects and content.

    Our diverse programming in 2018 included major events bringing people together, influential projects, short drama for the young, investigative journalism, new experiments and international initiatives.

  • Economic figures

    In 2018 Yle’s economy remained balanced.

    Get to know our net turnover, costs and amortisations.

  • The way we take responsibility

    Get to know what responsibility means to us.

    Responsibility is at the core of Yle’s public service mission and value-based operations.