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Yle aims to recruit top talent of the creative sector and technology – Yle and Aalto University expand their cooperation

Yle Uutisten kehittäjätiimin tiloja Ylen Pasilan tiloissa.
Yle Uutisten kehittäjätiimin tiloja Ylen Pasilan tiloissa. Picture by: Ilmari Fabritius / Yle Yle Uutiset,ohjelmointi,verkonkehittäjät

Yle and Aalto University have agreed on communication about jobs, traineeships and interesting career paths to the students of Aalto. At first, the new partnership agreement will be valid for one year.

Aalto University trains experts in the fields of art and technology, which are both important fields for Yle. Especially interesting study lines for Yle include computer science, data science, visual communication design as well as movie and TV production.

The cooperation will start with Yle attending the first Aalto Talent Expo on 31 October. Yle will also arrange its own recruitment event on campus.

“Aalto University is an important partner for us. We want to reinforce the partnership with systematic cooperation and communication, especially to students in the fields important to Yle. The new partnership model will boost the renewal of the company and offer fresh perspectives,” says Gunilla Ohls, Director, HR, Communications and Strategy at Yle.

“Aalto is well-known, and a good partner for us. By increasing our visibility on campus and interaction with the students, we can ensure that the best experts will want to work for us also in the future,” says Janne Yli-Äyhö, Yle’s Chief Operations Officer, who is responsible for production and technology.

“At Aalto, we want to create varied forms of cooperation and services that deepen our partnerships. Collaboration and the sharing of expertise allow us to create new opportunities and learn from each other. Developing our cooperation with Yle in the field of employment is important, because Yle is an important recruiter of Aalto’s students and alumni in its field,” says Teppo Heiskanen, Director for Advancement and Corporate Engagement at Aalto University.

Yle and Aalto University have cooperated extensively in the fields of research and education through, for instance, the MeMAD project, which focuses on AI and automatic audiovisual content, and the Visualizing Knowledge conference on information design.