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Yle in 2020: A great sports summer, community events and even better digital services

Uutisankkuri Milla Madetojaa jututetaan Somepointilla.
Yle’s Pointti town festivals can be experienced in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland in 2020. Uutisankkuri Milla Madetojaa jututetaan Somepointilla. Picture by: Yle, Laura Mainiemi Pointti-kaupunkifestivaali

Yle wants to better explain the world, promote dialogue and be part of people’s everyday lives. These aspirations will be reflected in 2020 in many ways.

The aim of Yle is to further improve dialogue with the general public next year and ensure we serve everyone. The keys to success are excellent content and quality personalised service.

“2020 is a year of big events, and it’s great that Yle can broadcast these unifying moments through our different channels and platforms. We will continue to listen to and interact with the Finns so that we can better understand how people use the media. We will create new meaningful content. Yle’s strength is that we belong to everyone, but offer a personalised experience,” says Yle’s CEO Merja Ylä-Anttila.

A sports super-summer and events around Finland

Among the major sporting events of the year are the men’s European football championships, the European championships in athletics and the summer Olympics in Tokyo.

“In the summer we are able to follow for the first time how the Finland national football team performs in the European championships. The Olympic Games are the big sporting event that the whole world follows. After that our Finnish athletes are able to showcase their skills in the European championships in athletics. There will be world class experiences and moments that bring people together”, says head of Yle Sports Joose Palonen.

In addition to this Yle meets and listens to the public in extensive new community events around the country. Events in 2020 include the expansion of the Pointti town festivals beyond Helsinki, the children’s Pikku Kakkonen tour and the free YleXPop concert for youth in Jyväskylä, which is now being held for the twentieth time.

YleX Nosteessa expands to a new programme on YouTube. In music reality TV, the search for new stars continues. YleX is also part of UMK. The Eurovision Song Contest will also be prominently featured on Yle channels.

Yle will also be able to more effectively explain the ever-changing world around us. New initiatives include news and current affairs for young people, and news for children in Finnish and Swedish.

Quality series and new podcasts

A significant amount of Finnish and foreign drama content will also be shown.

Among the Finnish series that will continue in 2020 are the family favourite and the most watched programme of Yle Areena Moominvalley, the international success Deadwind and the Finnish-Spanish series The Paradise.

World on Fire, the BBC’s major international production, starts with the theme of the Second World War. The Nordic people’s relationship with snow are the themes of the joint Nordic series Snowhow. The popular Babylon Berlin will continue with a new season.

Luuserit, the short-form youth drama series and campaign, continues in 2020. Previous episodes of the series have been watched on YouTube and Yle Areena more than half a million times.

March is women’s month on Yle Teema & Fem, with all the fiction, documentary and short films featured directed by women.

One-Off Incident (Yksittäistapaus in Finnish) is a film campaign aimed at highlighting the use of sexual power and providing means of articulating and dealing with it. Free discussion material is available to support the topic.

High-quality podcasts are also being produced and new news and current events podcast starts. The popular Kaverin puolesta kyselen continues in 2020.

The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra will present on its spring season Berlioz’s dramatic legend La damnation de Faust. The classical music lovers are also treated with the International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition.

More personalised services

Yle is continuing to develop its digital services – and a holistic personal customer experience in particular – by means such as making its diverse range of content easier to find through recommendations that are more relevant.

Yle is also investing further resources in smart TV applications for Yle Areena, which has been chosen as Finland’s most prestigious online service, and the children’s Lasten Areena. The company will also have a strong live and interactive presence at summer sports events broadcast through its digital services.

Audio and video are expanding to new user environments, such as cars. Voice guidance is being developed, including through experiments with the Swedish-language Svenska Yle. The application of data and artificial intelligence will continue in Yle’s services, content, marketing and operations.

Yle’s board of directors adopted the company’s action plan for 2020 at its meeting on November 20th 2019.