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Where would you take visitors in Finland? Travel show Egenland wants your suggestions

Egenlandin juontajat Hannamari Hoikkala ja Nicke Aldén seurassaan suolentisjoukkue Kivenlahden Kireet suolentopallon MM-kisoissa Haukivuorella.
Egenland's hosts Nicke Aldén and Hannamari Hoikkala, participating in the Swamp Volleyball World Championships in Haukivuori. Egenlandin juontajat Hannamari Hoikkala ja Nicke Aldén seurassaan suolentisjoukkue Kivenlahden Kireet suolentopallon MM-kisoissa Haukivuorella. Picture by: Yle/Eva Pursiainen Egenland,Kartta,Niklas Aldén,hannamari hoikkala

Egenland’s journey through Finland continues this year. The show aims to reveal ‘hidden Finland’, the places that are special to our viewers but not necessarily in the guidebooks.

Filmed in at least two languages, our show doesn’t want to be restricted to Finnish and Swedish — so now’s the time to get in touch and tell us which parts of Finland mean a lot to you!

Check out our map to see which destinations we’ve already told about, and let us know where you would like us to travel next.

So far your tips and hints have taken Egenland on an unexpected journey to over a hundred surprising destinations around Finland. Along the way we have introduced the audience to the most magnificent personalities, extraordinary places and peculiar events.

Now, we are looking for new interesting travel destinations for the upcoming fourth season of Egenland. You can suggest both winter and summer destinations.

Egenland is an online travel guide and a TV show created together with the audience – at least in two languages

Your suggestion can be a new take on a well-known destination or a hidden gem, an urban paradise or a natural oasis, brilliant in its simplicity or fascinating in its diversity. What matters is that the destination, in your opinion, deserves attention from a larger audience.

Check out our map to see the places we’ve already visited and leave your travel suggestion here:

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The audience creates Egenland
Egenland is a multilingual culture travel show and online travel guide to Finland based on your, the audience’s, best travel suggestions. By date, Egenland has received over 4000 travel tips. You can find over 100 of them in the show’s online travel guide (in Finnish).

Do you have a favourite spot that all Finland needs to know about? Leave your suggestion via our suggestion form, write to us on or send us a message on Instagram.

Egenland is for everyone
Experience our unique country on the following platforms:

  • Egenland has put the travel destinations on the map, literally: Egenland’s map
  • Glimpses of our unique country and its people: Egenland on Instagram @egenland
  • See and hear about individual destinations: destination videos in Yle Areena
  • Dive into the stories behind some of the most unique places, events and people: online travel guide on
  • Egenland on TV: Watch all episodes (3 seasons) on Yle Areena

Are you interested in exchanging interesting travel tips in Finland? You are warmly welcome to join the Facebook group Poikkea polulta/På andra vägar (Off the beaten path). The group is administered by the Egenland editorial team.

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