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New strategy for Yle – For all of us, for each of us

Yle's strategy: For all of us, for each of us
Yle's strategy: For all of us, for each of us strategia,Yle,iskulause

Purpose and values are at the core of the new strategy: Yle increases understanding and strengthens Finnish society and culture responsibly and reliably, showing respect for all people. The strategy “For all of us, for each of us” is being introduced immediately, and it will be valid until further notice.

According to the Act on Yleisradio Oy, the strategy of the company is decided by the Administrative Council, which approved the new strategy on 19 May 2020. The opinions of experts, stakeholders, Finns and Yle employees were taken into account during the process.

Yle, with its centenary year approaching, is firmly looking to the future with its new strategy. In order to succeed in the turbulent and fragmented media field, companies must renew their operations boldly: Yle wants to be among the pioneers in the application of new technologies and to develop digital interaction as well. In addition, the company wants to further strengthen its relationship with children and the young.

“Yle’s purpose is to increase understanding of each other and the world, and to strengthen Finnish society and culture. Yle’s special role in maintaining a general sense of security as a provider of reliable information for all Finns has been highlighted in this exceptional spring. Yle is for all Finns, and it must continue to be worthy of people’s trust: we ensure the reliability of our content and services and display an increasingly diverse image of Finland,” says Yle’s CEO Merja Ylä-Anttila.

In accordance with its new strategy, Yle aims, among other things, to strengthen its relationship with the audiences and its bond with Finns with different lifestyles and ways of thinking, to increase its presence among people, to create new kinds of partnerships, to invest in personal user experiences and to emphasize digital publishing more, while developing its traditional channels.

“The name of Yle’s new strategy For all of us, for each of us sums up the company’s most important mission, which is to serve all Finns individually. Yle must communicate important matters to the nation reliably, but at the same time, it must be able to attract people with individual interests,” says Arto Satonen, the Chairman of Yle’s Administrative Council.

Based on the strategy, Yle’s Board of Directors sets objectives for the coming years and monitors the implementation of the strategy. Yle’s directors act as responsible editors and make individual decisions concerning content and publication.