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Johanna Tuuri to start as Yle’s Corporate Relations Manager and Janne Saarinen as Yle’s Brand Manager

Potretit Johanna Tuurista ja Janne Saarisesta
Johanna Tuuri and Janne Saarinen. Potretit Johanna Tuurista ja Janne Saarisesta Picture by: Liisa Takala ja Juho Heikkinen henkilöstö,Janne Saarinen

Tuuri will start in her new role on 17 August and Saarinen on 1 September. These positions are new and are related to a larger management reform as Yle strives to prepare for the accelerating change of its operational environment.

Johanna Tuuri is switching over to Yle from the position of Executive Producer at SuomiAreena. She has previously worked in roles such as a reporter and a news producer for MTV News. She will join Yle on 17 August 2020.

In her role as a Corporate Relations Manager, Tuuri will build Yle’s stakeholder networks and be in charge of the company’s media policies. She will take part in the ongoing dialogue about Yle’s societal impact and role as well as monitor and analyse the company’s operational environment together with other specialists. The Corporate Relations Manager will report to the Director of Strategy and Audience Insight, Marit af Björkesten.

“I will accept this position with an open mind and a great deal of enthusiasm. I find it important and meaningful that I will be able to promote open dialogue between Yle, citizens, authorities and decision-makers and even between the entire field and society,” says Johanna Tuuri.

“Johanna Tuuri has a long and versatile background as a reporter, and she is familiar with Finnish society, influencers and the operational environment of the media alike. I’m very happy that Johanna will join Yle and help us reinforce our vital public relations,” says Marit af Björkesten.

Janne Saarinen will transfer to Yle from his role as an account manager at the marketing agency SEK. He has more than ten years of experience of diverse and demanding brand and communications projects. Previously, Saarinen has worked as Pöyry’s Head of Communications, for example.

In his new role as Brand Manager, Saarinen will be in charge of the external and internal implementation of Yle’s brand strategy. Saarinen will support the decision-making related to brand strategy and develop Yle’s brand comprehensively. Saarinen will start in his position on 1 September 2020. He will report to the Director of Communications and Brand, Jere Nurminen.

“I’m very proud of this chance to join the Yle people, whom I value highly. Brands emerge from the people and their shared value base. I believe that we will have excellent chances to maintain and strengthen our position, even though the competition for people’s time and attention is hard. A reliable and meaningful media house that keeps up with the times will also succeed in the future,” says Janne Saarinen.

“It is great to have such an experienced and visionary professional as Janne to develop Yle’s strong brand even further. We want to ensure that our brand, closing on its hundred year anniversary, will be considered familiar and valuable also in the future,” says Jere Nurminen.