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Yle Mix produces reliable and understandable news journalism for children

Kaksi naista heiluttamassa kameralle studiossa vihreän taustan edessä.
Kiia Keskikylä and Jasmin Beloued are the hosts of Yle Mix. Kaksi naista heiluttamassa kameralle studiossa vihreän taustan edessä. Picture by: Arttu Timonen / Yle Yleisradio Oy lastenohjelmat,yleisradiotoiminta,yleisradioyhtiöt,Yle,Lasten uutiset

Yle's new children's service Yle Mix has started. Yle Mix produces videos for Yle Areena and YouTube twice a week, always on Wednesdays and Fridays. News content is also produced for the social media service TikTok. Yle Mix is primarily directed at children of primary school age.

“It is important for a public service media company to produce news journalism for children as well. Children are smart and curious, and they want to follow world events, and they also need the opportunity to consume reliable and understandable journalism”, says Riikka Räisänen, Editor-in-Chief of Yle news and current affairs.

The aim of Yle Mix is to offer news journalism to children on the channels where they are. The news is reported in a manner which is suitable for these channels. The Yle Mix TikTok account shows interview videos and interactive news content. The weekly video broadcasts produced for Yle Areena and YouTube examine phenomena, news events, and topics related to the school day.

Yle Mix offers both general news topics in an age-appropriate manner and looks for news topics from the children's own world. In addition to Yle Areena, it is important to be present in other media services that are used by children daily. For example, TikTok is one of the most popular children's social media platforms, and it is a good thing that responsible journalistic players, such as Yle, are there”, Räisänen says.

Yle Mix is hosted by Jasmin “Jassu” Beloued and Kiia Keskikylä. The producer is Santtu Natri.