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Investigate an internet troll’s bunker in this new escape game

troll bunker escape room game logo.
troll bunker escape room game logo. Picture by: Mikko Lehtola / Yle valeuutiset,Trollibunkkeri

You step into a room and the door locks behind you. You realize you have been trapped by an internet troll. He is known for producing misinformation and fake news. How do you escape?

In Troll Bunker, a 3d escape room game, the player is a journalist who has been trapped by a misinformation-spreading internet troll. The player must solve a series of tasks in order to find clues to progress from room to room and eventually escape. A phone will provide the player with hints if their progress is slow.

The tasks in the apartment would be familiar to anyone who has played escape room games before, but Troll Bunker also tests skills in media literacy.

Troll Bunker is a browser game, so you do not need to download anything on your device. The experience is enhanced on a larger screen, so a computer is recommended rather than a phone.

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