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This is Yle

Kaksi tyttöä istuu mättäällä sienimetsässä.
Kaksi tyttöä istuu mättäällä sienimetsässä. Picture by: Kaapo Kamu / Yle Yle,brändit,brändikuvat

Yle In A Nutshell

  • A public service broadcasting company owned by the Finnish people *), funded by a special Yle tax from January 2013
  • Merja Ylä-Anttila is the Chief Executive Officer (more about how Yle works)
  • Yle's operations are governed by the Act on Yleisradio Oy (Finnish Broadcasting Company)
  • Turnover for 2018 EUR 471.6 million
  • 2,811 permanent employees (2018)
  • Four television channels and three channel slots, also available as simulcast HD-channels
  • Six nationwide radio channels and three radio services
  • The most extensive and varied online selection of television and radio programmes in the country
  • 24 regional radio stations and regional news from ten districts
  • Plays a major role in producing and presenting programmes dealing with national arts, education, drama and children's entertainment
  • Services to the public also cater to special interest and minority groups
  • Registered office in Pasila, Helsinki
  • Reaches weekly 96 per cent and daily 79 per cent of Finns (more about our value to the audiences)

*) The company is 99.9 per cent state-owned.

Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company is Finland's national public service media company.

Yle operates four television channels and three channel slots as well as six radio channels and services complemented by over 20 regional radio programmes. Yle also has the most extensive and varied online selection of television and radio programmes in the country.

In 2017 Yle reached every Finnish person. Yle TV1 was the most popular television channel in Finland and Yle Radio Suomi most listened radio channel. Read more about Yle's customer relantioships here.

Yle’s online on-demand media service Areena was established in 2007 and has managed to maintain and develop its standing, even in the face of increasingly intense competition. It is still the most popular and valued media service of its kind in Finland, as well as a global pioneer.

The public considers Yle to be a reliable source of news and current affairs. The company plays a major role in producing and presenting programmes dealing with national arts, educational programmes and children's programmes. Yle's services to the public also cover special and minority groups.

The company is 99.9 per cent state-owned and supervised by an Administrative Council appointed by Parliament, and operates under the Act on Yleisradio Oy.

What is national public service broadcasting all about?

As a national public service Yle is politically and financially independent. Freedom of speech is part of our values. We are owned by the Finnish people and funded by tax allocated to Yle.

It is important for Yle to get to know our audiences better and to be involved with their daily lives in a meaningful way. This goal is also written into our strategy.

  • Yle’s role is to affirm democracy and culture as well as inform, entertain and educate.
  • Yle is needed to support democracy.
  • Yle produces value for society and for the Finnish people.
  • Yle is an important journalistic operator in the whole country.
  • Yle tax is collected specifically to fund Yle.

Yle’s Duties

The company shall be responsible for the provision of versatile and comprehensive television and radio programming with the related additional and extra services for all citizens under equal conditions. These and other content services related to public service may be provided in public communications networks nationally and regionally.

The public service programming shall in particular:

  1. support democracy and everyone’s opportunity to participate by providing a wide variety of information, opinions and debates as well as opportunities to interact;
  2. produce, create, develop and maintain Finnish culture, art and inspiring entertainment;
  3. take educational and equality aspects into consideration in the programmes, provide an opportunity to learn and study, give focus on programming for children and young people, and offer devotional programmes;
  4. treat in its broadcasting Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking citizens on equal grounds and produce services in the Sami, Romany, and sign language and, where applicable, also in the languages of other language groups in the country;
  5. support the preservation of Finnish cultural heritage, support tolerance, equal treatment, equality, and cultural diversity and provide programming for minority and special groups;
  6. promote cultural interaction and maintain production intended for international distribution; and
  7. broadcast official announcements that are further specified by decree, and prepare for broadcasting in exceptional circumstances.

Act on Yleisradio Oy, Section 7, Public Service (Updated on 28th of June 2017).