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Privacy policy – events organised by Yle

1. Data controller

Yleisradio Oy
Uutiskatu 5, 00024, Yle, tel. +358 9 14 801

2. Contact details in matters related to the register

3. Name of the register
Yle’s event register

4. The purpose of processing personal data
Personal data is processed when organising Yle’s events. Personal data is used to provide information about events and to ensure the functionality of events, as well as the safety and security of participants.

5. Legal grounds for processing personal data
The Processing of personal data is essential for organising events. Legal basis for processing of personal data is legitimate interest in ensuring the security of the event and visitors as well as to protecting Yle´s premises and property.

6. Recipients and processors of personal data
Personal data is processed by Yle’s employees who are responsible for planning and implementing events.

7. The data content of the register
Participants in events must provide Yle with at least their name and email address when registering. Depending on the event, we may also request other personal data or contact details.

8. Regular sources of information
Data is obtained from data subjects.

9. Data retention period
Data is removed immediately after each event when grounds for retaining data no longer exist, and no later than one year after the event.

10. Regular disclosure of data
No data is regularly disclosed outside Yle.

11. Transfer of data to countries outside the EU and the EEA
No registered data is transferred to countries outside the EU and the EEA:

12. Data protection principles
As the data controller, Yle is responsible for ensuring that data saved in the event register is used in compliance with good information security principles and guidelines. Yle is responsible for the technical protection of event-related data, including information security updates and backup copies. Data about data subjects can only be processed by those Yle employees who take part in organising events. The use of the register is restricted by means of user-specific usernames and passwords.

13. The rights of data subjects and exercising them
Data subjects have the right to access their personal data.
Furthermore, data subjects have the right to request any incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated personal data is rectified or erased.
When the processing of data is based on consent, data subjects have the right to withdraw their consent to the processing of their personal data at any time. Data subjects can exercise their rights by placing a request at

Data subjects have the right to file a complaint with the authorities regarding the processing of personal data.