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Privacy policy – guests visiting Yle

This privacy statement describes the practices concerning the collection and processing of visitor data at Yle. Yle is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of its services and observes in its operations the legislation concerning privacy protection and best privacy practices. Yle does not process visitor data for any purposes other than those described in this statement.

1. Data controller
Yleisradio Oy, Risk management and security, Uutiskatu 5, Box 19, 00024 Yleisradio

2. Persons in charge of the register
Juuso Elomaa, security specialist; Postal address: Yleisradio Oy, Box 19, 00024 Yleisradio; Telephone: +358 (0)9 14​ ​801
Kirsi Hietanen, data protection officer; Postal address: Yleisradio Oy, Box 76, 00025 Yleisradio; Telephone: +358 (0) 9 14​ ​801

3. Name of the register
Yleisradio visitor registry

4. Purpose for processing personal data
Yle collects information of visitors for visitor management and general security. The data submitted by visitor upon arrival at Yle are stored in a visitor management system. The purpose for processing personal data is to maintain records of all visitors on security grounds.

5. Legal grounds for processing personal data
Processing visitors’ personal data is necessary to ensure security in Yle’s operations. The legal ground for processing visitor data constitutes a legitimate interest of Yle, i.e. the controller. Such legitimate interest relates to ensuring the safety of all persons on Yle’s premises as well as to protecting Yle’s premises and property.

6. Recipients and processors of personal data
The personal data are processed by the providers of Yle’s lobby services. The processing is secured through data protection contracts signed with the service providers.

7. The data content of the register
The register contains a specific set of contact information and visit data. Mandatory information: Visitor’s first name and surname; date and time of the visit

Optional information: Telephone, e-mail address, company, title, car registration number

8. Storage period

The personal data will be stored for six months and thereafter automatically deleted.

9. Regular sources of information
The visitor, a representative of the visitor’s company, the host or a representative of the host.

10. Regular disclosure of data
Yle does not disclose data to third parties.

11. Transfer of data to countries outside the EU and the EEA
Yle does not disclose data to parties outside the EU and the EEA.

12. Data protection principles
As the data controller, Yle is responsible for ensuring that data stored in the system is used in compliance with good information security principles. Only the controller and service providers and administrators authorised by the controller have access to the data. The person in charge of the register is responsible for managing the user rights. Only persons whose tasks require processing personal data are granted access to the data. Authorised persons can access the data only with a personal user ID and password.

The technical maintenance for the data processing has been outsourced to a service provider on whose servers the data are stored.

13. Rights of the data subject

The data subject has the right:

  • To obtain information of their personal data being processed;
  • To gain access to and inspect their personal data being processed;
  • To object to their data being processed based on a legitimate interest; and
  • To demand rectification, completion or deletion of their data;
  • To lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

In order to exercise these rights, please submit a request on or contact the data controller via another medium. All requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. To submit the request, you will have to identify yourself using strong authentication by means of you online banking codes or a mobile certificate.