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Yle's year 2018

The way we take responsibility

Yle's values, explained on the text
Yle's values, explained on the text Yle

The media plays a significant role in the everyday lives of people and in public debate. The contents touch people, entertain, provide information, create experiences, raise topics for public debate, structure the view of the world and influence how people think. That is why the social responsibility of the media also has special characteristics.

Responsibility is at the core of Yle’s public service mission and value-based operations. The Act on Yleisradio Oy (Finnish Broadcasting Company) obligates us to promote citizens’ equality, learning and education, the vitality of languages and cultures, to promote an image of pluralistic Finland and to strengthen democracy. We adhere to Yle’s operating principles, the company’s ethical guidelines and the Guidelines for Journalists.

We are happy to bear this responsibility knowing that Yle's value and importance in society is reflected beyond contents and the law. Yle’s social responsibility principles describe the focus areas of responsibility and the way we implement them.

Responsible choices

Responsibility is linked to all of the choices and decisions that Yle makes as a media company, an operator in society, a reliable employer and a cooperation partner.

Our financial responsibility is evident in our way of using the Yle tax efficiently and supporting employment in the creative sector. We constantly improve our employees’ well-being and competence as well as good leadership. We want Yle to be an inspiring workplace, now and in the future.

Our operations are in line with sustainable development and environmental responsibility. We have an environmental responsibility programme in place that promotes practical environmental acts, more efficient use of energy and recycling. Yle’s vehicle purchases and travel policy are based on the environmental criteria. Our offices comply with the WWF Green Office system.

We expect our partners to operate responsibly as well.

Goals and models in practice

Yle’s Management Group is responsible for the operative activities and strategic management. The management also guides the realisation of the social responsibility objectives in the daily operations and the measurement of how these objectives are met.

The Board of Directors approved Yle’s social responsibility principles on 13 March 2019.

Environmental responsibility work is supported by the environmental steering group, which convenes two to four times per year and consists of supervisors from different areas of responsibility. Yle’s Director of HR, Communications and Strategy represents the Management Group in the environmental steering group.

We use qualitative and quantitative indicators and internal and external audits to monitor the achievement of the company’s goals.

We have been a member of the Finnish Corporate Responsibility Network FIBS since 2011.

Reporting principles and definition of the report scope

We report on social responsibility based on the decision in principle concerning the State ownership policy.

The responsibility reporting describes the principles, objectives and operating methods of Yle’s social responsibility from the perspective of financial, social and environmental responsibility.

The reporting is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) guidelines, as applicable, and on the recommendations of the GRI Media Sector Supplements, in particular.

The reporting covers our operations as a public service broadcasting company in Finland with a focus on the special characteristics of the media’s social responsibility as a producer of contents and services and an operator in the media sector.

The environmental responsibility information covers the impact of Yle’s own operations. The key figures concerning energy consumption cover the properties we own, since all monitoring data is not available for leased facilities.

Key performance indicators of social responsibility

The indicators based on the principles of social responsibility will be specified during 2019.

The following indicators specifically related to environmental responsibility were used in the 2018 social responsibility reporting:

Yle’s environmental objectives for 2017–2020 are:

  • Energy – we will reduce our energy consumption in the properties owned by Yle by 5 per cent from the 2016 level.
  • Traffic – we will reduce the emissions of the vehicles used by Yle by 30 per cent from the 2016 level.
  • Waste – we will reduce the amount of waste at the Yle Center in Pasila, Helsinki by 15 per cent from the 2016 level.

Yle’s seventh responsibility report

We mainly communicate our social responsibility on our website. Yle has been reporting on its social responsibility since 2012. The 2018 report is the seventh report in a row. The reporting complies with the core options of the GRI guidelines.

For more information, please contact: Irene Tommiska-Jarva, Compliance Officer,

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