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Yle's year 2018

Our value to audiences: 92 % of Finns consider us to have succeeded in our public service mission

Understanding our audiences in Finland is of utmost importance to us. That is why we annually survey our audiences' opinion on our performance in our public service mission and on the importance of Yle.

According to our audiences, the public service provided by Yle was considered to be increasingly important both personally and in society in 2018.

Finns appreciate Yle: grade 8.2

target: 8.0 / 10

Yle is important on a personal level: grade 7.3

target: 7.2 / 10

This is demonstrated in KMK-survey 2018.

Our audiences find that overall, we have succeeded well in our public service mission. In Yle’s Value to Finns survey, our average score concerning our performance in the public service mission was 4.59 on a scale of one to six (2017: average 4.74). Only 3 per cent of the respondents thought that Yle has succeeded poorly or rather poorly in its mission.

In 2018, the survey was conducted over the phone and questions were modified, which is why the results are not directly comparable to the surveys conducted in the previous years.

Yle received grade 4,6 on a scale 1-6 on its public service 2018.
Yle received grade 4,6 on a scale 1-6 on its public service 2018. Yle

Domestic content in one’s own language and quality programmes for children are the most important

According to our audiences, Yle’s most important contents and services include reliable information, domestic contents in one’s own language as well as quality programmes and services for children.

The opportunity to gain general knowledge through Yle and to better understand the changes in the Finnish society and the world are also considered to be important. The expectations concerning the accessibility of contents and service are also high.

According to our audiences, Yle has succeeded extremely well in the services considered to be the most important. There is still room for improvement in the promotion of the civic society, sense of community, and equality, for example.

Sixty-nine per cent of audiences consider Yle to be very reliable or fairly reliable

Sixty-nine per cent of audiences consider Yle to be very reliable or fairly reliable. Slightly over 20 per cent feel neutral about the reliability of Yle, and only three per cent do not trust Yle at all.

Yle was considered to be the most reliable of the media companies, and we were ranked sixth on the list of 19 operators in society in the survey. The highest ranking operators are the President and the police.

How much do Finns trust Yle, explained on the text
How much do Finns trust Yle, explained on the text Yle

Seventy-eight per cent feel they get good value for their Yle tax payment

Finns are more satisfied than ever with how Yle is being funded. Seventy-four per cent of the respondents are satisfied with the Yle tax and 78 per cent feel they get very good value or fairly good value for their tax payment.

Yle is also considered to be a highly responsible broadcaster. The majority of the respondents find that Yle also operates in a transparent manner and its programming stands out from the other media.

Continued strong confidence in the news operations

The confidence in Yle’s news operations has remained very strong. According to the annual survey, 89 per cent trust Yle News (2017: 90%). More than half of the respondents (54%) consider Yle to be the number one news provider in Finland. (Yle Uutisarvostukset, November 2018, Taloustutkimus Oy, market research company)

Swedish-speaking Finns find Yle to be important for society

According to the survey concerning Yle’s value, the Swedish-speaking and bilingual Finns feel that Yle is an important operator in society and has succeeded in its mission.

Among the Swedish-speaking Finns, Yle’s score for importance in society is 8.8 on a scale of one to ten (2017: 8.8). The importance of Yle in their own media use receives a score of 6.9 (2017: 7.02). Yle was also ranked the most reliable media company among six media operators.

The Swedish-speaking Finns evaluated our public service performance with a high score of 4.9 on a scale of one to five.

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    Our diverse programming in 2018 included major events bringing people together, influential projects, short drama for the young, investigative journalism, new experiments and international initiatives.

  • Economic figures

    In 2018 Yle’s economy remained balanced.

    Get to know our net turnover, costs and amortisations.

  • The way we take responsibility

    Get to know what responsibility means to us.

    Responsibility is at the core of Yle’s public service mission and value-based operations.