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Toshiyuki Sato welcome text

This year, PBI comes back to the Nordic region after 14 years, at the kind invitation of Yle Finland. In Nordic countries, press freedom is highly regarded, and public broadcasters play a pivotal role in guarding civil liberty.

Public broadcasters also play an important role in better communication in the communities. You will find the topics of the sessions this year are deeply rooted in the fundamental issues in society.

Back to basics for the Public Service Media is likely to be the major theme this year. There is a Japanese belief saying that when you are lost in a forest, look for a growth ring on a stump as it serves as a compass. Let us find our compass in a country famous for its beautiful forests and lakes.

Toshiyuki Sato, Secretary General, PBI

Marja Ylä-Anttila welcome text

I am glad that you have arrived in Helsinki and we can meet within PBI-community for the first time in Finland. This week we are also celebrating the birthday of Yle on September 9th. As the CEO of PSM Finland I want to emphasize that our goal is to play a more active role in Finnish society and to develop world-class media services.

Finland and all the Nordic countries have a very high level of trust in the media and we do our best to maintain this special relationship also in the future.

This event is a reminder of the importance and value of public service to society. We hope that the conference will provide a rich and varied overview of current industry innovations, ideas and perspectives. But also to provide interpretations and insights into the impact they have on our operations.

Welcome, I hope you enjoy our early autumn atmosphere in Helsinki.

Merja Ylä-Anttila, CEO, Yle