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Yle Online media vision 2020

Yle online media vision

PROPHECY event created a crowd sourced Online Media vision for Yle. The current version in Finnish is open for public comments and amendments. An English translation will be published in August 2015. We give our warmest thanks to all co-creative contributors, speakers and prophets. Enjoy summer!

Ylen verkkomedian visio 2020

Prophecyn synnyttämää visiota voi kommentoida.

PROPHECY-tapahtuman lopputuloksena syntyi tulevaisuuteen katsova Yleisradion verkkovisio, jonka ensimmäinen versio on julkaistu 24.6.2015.

Visio on kehitetty joukkoistamalla ja sitä voi edelleen vapaasti kommentoida. Kommentteja voi jättää tekstin lopussa olevaan kommenttikenttään, tai suoraan Google Docsissa.

Lopullinen teksti julkaistaan elokuussa 2015. Kiitämme lämpimästi kaikkia talkoissa mukana olleita ja toivotamme aurinkoista kesää!


The Future of IPR from #yleprophecy


PROPHECY is a forum for the digital future. It’s an open call to visionary storytellers, digital tribe people and new friends, sharing brave ideas and revelation of conditioned events to come.

PROPHECY event supports Yle in creating two visionary white papers: Yle Online Media Vision and The Future of IPR. Our underlying theme is to prepare us to answer the needs of 2020.

Setting a long-term online media vision in the modern world is overwhelming. In addition to Live broadcast, TV catch-up, catalogues and web-only movies the Yle online offering includes prolific archive publishing, radio channels and NHL result service to name a few. From this versatile point of view, we must take a holistic look in order to create the new vision for our beloved online media. We believe that the experts who do better tend to be multidisciplinary. They pursue multiple approaches and rely more on observation than on theory. We welcome you to join the journey of seeking inspiration and advice from the modern prophets of Television, Internet, Society, Design, Education and beyond.

Our method is a one-day-long, futuristic event mixing keynotes with a giant workshop. Yle Studio 2 will be turned into a laboratory for 100 participants. For the rest we will provide a live stream through Yle Areena.

Yle is owned by Finnish people. This allows us to hold the space for meaningful discussions as both enabler and curator. PROPHECY event is planned co-creatively together with over 50 professionals; I give my thanks and dedicate the outcomes to these extraordinary, open-minded people.

Let’s get smarter together, see you on May 8th!

Sami Kallinen, Jari Lahti, Cilla Lönnqvist, Risto Kuulasmaa, Jasmiini Lappalainen-Ranne, Kari Haakana and Atte Hujanen.
Team Prophecy: Sami Kallinen, Jari Lahti, Cilla Lönnqvist, Risto Kuulasmaa, Jasmiini Lappalainen-Ranne, Kari Haakana and Atte Hujanen. Sami Kallinen, Jari Lahti, Cilla Lönnqvist, Risto Kuulasmaa, Jasmiini Lappalainen-Ranne, Kari Haakana and Atte Hujanen. Kuva: Jukka Lintinen / Yle Kuvapalvelu propchey

Risto Kuulasmaa
Head of Television and Online Media

Jari Lahti, CSO at Yle Media
Sami Kallinen, Head of Web & Mobile Development
Kari Haakana, Head of Services
Cilla Lönnqvist, Head of Programming, Yle Areena

PROPHECY Production
Jasmiini Lappalainen, Head of Programme Information for Communities and Press
Atte Hujanen, Event Producer,


The Road to Open API:s

Sami Kallinen writes about the open APIs.

Yle reached two significant milestones last week. The first was the fact that we published a new browser version of our Web TV and Radio player Yle Areena; the second milestone was what we are announcing here today, that the leadership team of Yle has confirmed the decision to open these APIs to the public initially as a trial and for experimentation.

How to reinvent a media house in the digital age?

Kirsi Hakaniemi blogs on media houses and the digital age.

“What if we could start all over again? How should we do it? What kind of people and tools would we have? What about our readers, viewers, users and customers − content and products?”

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Guy Bar-Nahum: Fade out

Guy Bar-Nahum writes in the first of the blog series.

During my yearly checkup, my doctor told me about a great service that has all the latest movies and TV shows and its absolutely free! It is powered by a peer to peer bit-torrent technology with a slick front end UI. A real Netflix killer. One small problem — it is not legal.

Fantastic studios: Prophecy of the co-creative future

Fantastic studios writes about their work with Greenpeace.

In 2013 we started working with Greenpeace with a vision to kick-start a creative revolution inside the organisation. The brief was ambitious: Greenpeace's vision was not only to come up with innovative campaign ideas, but to radically strengthen and develop the organisational capacity for innovation.

The story of Yle Areena

Startup inside the bureaucrat: the story of Yle Areena

The success story of the streaming service Areena.

Finland’s national streaming service Yle Areena is a phenomenal success story. It has beaten all commercial competition, as over 80% of all Finnish streaming users are watching shows on the service. How did it become such a success? This is the story behind Yle Areena.