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Hyvin sanottu

The Well Said project

Well Said project invites Finns to improve Finnish conversational culture

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Image: Yle

The Well Said project is a five-year initiative led by Yle and the Timeout Foundation. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the best aspects of Finnish conversational culture and create safe environments that foster discussion and conversations. At the same time, the project aims to increase mutual trust and understanding among Finns.

The goal of the project is to raise the level of Finnish conversational culture and inspire people to participate in respectful discussions and conversations that take multiple perspectives into account.

The Well Said project will run from 2021 to 2026 and include a wide range of partners. The project will be highlighted prominently in Yle’s contents and on its partners’ numerous platforms.

Would your community like to participate in the project? Use to get in touch with us.

See a list of those parties that are participating in the project.