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Yle's year 2020

Working culture and competence development

Working culture and competence development in 2020

In 2020, we continued our long-term efforts to develop our management and work culture. We listened to the experiences and views of Yle personnel as we formulated our values for our new strategy

We clarified our principles of good management and included them in our everyday activities, for example in our supervisor coaching initiatives, personnel surveys, and recruitments. We implemented extensive organisational reforms to clarify our management structure, create new job roles, and increase internal job rotation. 

Yle's values

We are reliable and responsible – we carry out our mission independently.

We encourage creativity – we have courage to give room for new ideas.

We value the individual – together we can accomplish something better.

Working during the Covid-19 pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic set in, approximately 80% of Yle’s personnel shifted to working remotely either on a full-time or partial basis. We learned about and boldly experimented with new virtual working methods. 

We established an internal forum to promote the flow of information during this exceptional period, and this forum soon grew into Yle’s Tie tulevaisuuteen (Road to the Future) project, which will be used to create Yle’s workshops for the future. We actively communicated about all coronavirus-related instructions and recommendations, and this helped us avoid any infection chains within our work community.

Rankka vuosi ohjelman kuvauksissa.

Developing competence 

We surveyed and defined the key future competence areas that we can use to implement Yle’s new strategy. These will help guide us in the future as we plan our personnel policies and select the key measures for competence development. 

Yle’s core areas of competence can be grouped into the following: content competence, customer competence, public service competence, technological competence, working life skills, and managerial competence.

The development of Yle personnel is supported by Into, a versatile online learning environment that we will use to host our new learning contents. Into will help our personnel learn about different forms of narration and storytelling, working life skills, and the cornerstones of our strategy. We have created a virtual introductory course in Into to support onboarding of new Yle employees.

In 2020, Yle’s own Academy of Journalism, which supports the journalistic education of our journalists, continued its work in improving the diversity of our voices as well as our audience relationship. These educational initiatives focused on, for example, new narrative forms, interacting with audiences, visual journalism, data and algorithms, as well as social media practices in journalistic work. 

In total, approximately 460 people participated in these training sessions in 2020. While the Academy of Journalism was forced to transfer its contents online as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, it also allowed more journalists in regional editorial offices around Finland to participate in its training sessions. 

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