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Yle's year 2020

Well-being at work and equality in 2020

Work satisfaction remained at a good level during this exceptional year.

We monitored the work experiences of Yle employees every three months using the YlePulssi survey. Our results indicate that, for the most part, Yle personnel were able to work well during these exceptional times. 

We strengthened the remote management skills of our supervisors so that they could help Yle’s personnel maintain their well-being and efficiency in this exceptional situation. In addition, we offered different types of coaching initiatives, webinars and info bulletins to all Yle employees. 

According to our personnel surveys, job satisfaction remained at a fairly good level. In its annual A Good Day at Work at Yle survey in the autumn, Yle received an overall score of 3.76 on a scale of 1–5, which is slightly higher than in the previous year.

According to the surveys, Yle employees are overall very satisfied with their supervisors, and their trust in Yle’s upper management has increased. In the future, we will place increasing focus on finding ways for our employees to combine  learning and working. Teams will agree on the work methods and engagement rules that will help reduce the burden of their workload.

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We strive for equality

Equality requires action in practise. For example, in the previous year, we removed any age and gender-related questions from our job application forms, and we have begun to de-gender any and all remaining gendered work titles. 

Gender equality is realised fairly well at Yle. Yle features an even gender distribution, although some smaller professional groups are still majority male or female. For example, most technical positions are still dominated by men, while the share of women remains higher in administrative tasks.

  • Exactly half of Yle’s permanent employees are women.

  • Women account for 55% of journalists and 61% of producers.

  • In the collective labour agreement for programme production employees, which accounts for three fourths of all Yle employees, the average salary of women is 99.3% of the average salary of men.

  • Among Yle’s entire personnel roster, the average salary of women was 97.2%.

A diverse work community is more than just a diverse selection of age groups and genders, as equality also applies to cultural backgrounds and languages. Every year, Yle offers internship positions to young people with disabilities or immigrant backgrounds who are studying or planning to study in the media sector. 

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