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Yle's year 2020

Responsibility management and Yle’s commitments

Yle’s Management Group is responsible for all operational activities and strategic management. The Management Group is also responsible for the implementation of Yle’s responsibility objectives in daily operations and the metrics of reaching the goals.

The Board of Directors approved Yle’s social responsibility principles on 13 March 2019. Yle’s Legal Department is tasked with the development, coordination and reporting of responsibility-related activities.

The implementation of Yle’s responsibility objectives is monitored in small groups reporting to the responsibility steering group. 

Yle’s environmental responsibility work is supported by the environmental steering group, which convenes two to four times per year and includes representatives from Yle’s various areas of responsibility. The Management Group is represented by Yle’s Director of Technology and Development in the environmental steering group.

Yle uses qualitative and quantitative indicators and internal and external audits to monitor the achievement of its goals.


Yle has been a member of the Finnish corporate responsibility network FIBS since 2011.

In 2020, Yle joined the UN Global Compact challenge, whose aim is to promote  the implementation of the UN’s sustainable development goals.

In order to reduce Yle’s carbon footprint, our offices follow the WWF Green Office environmental management system. We are also a member of the Climate Partners 

Reporting principles and scope

The responsibility report available on the “Yle in 2020” website describes the principles, objectives and operating methods of Yle’s social responsibility work from the perspective of economic and social responsibility and environmental responsibility.

The reporting is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) standards when applicable, and especially on the recommendations of the GRI Media Sector Supplements.

The report covers Yle’s operations as a public service broadcasting company in Finland and places particular emphasis on the special characteristics of the media’s responsibility as a producer of contents and services and an operator in the media sector.

The information on Yle’s environmental responsibility work covers the impact of Yle’s own operations. The key figures of energy consumption cover the properties owned by Yle, as some monitoring data is not available for leased facilities.

Yle’s ninth responsibility report

The main platform for our social responsibility communication is our website.

Yle has been reporting on its social responsibility since 2012, making the report for 2020 Yle’s ninth responsibility report. Yle’s reporting complies with the core options of the GRI Standards.

The responsibility reports and GRI tables for previous years can be found on Yle’s annual report pages.

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