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Moves Like Summeri

Moves Like Summeri – Instructions for applicants and contestants

Moves Like Summeri is Yle Summeri's new, highly interactive dance programme, in which Finland's most interesting young dancers compete in teams led by top coaches Sanaz Hassani, Alex Komulainen and Samuli Emery. During the spring, you will see a lot of fabulous dancing!

How to participate in the challenge

Can you do some kind of move or trick better than others? Is dancing your passion? Do you have potential that no one has discovered yet?

Or do you know someone who would be perfect for this? Tell your friend about the challenge!

The challenge will be held from 14 to 28 February 2022.

By participating in the challenge, anyone can apply to join the programme! The programme is aimed especially at young, passionate dancers and amateur dancers all over Finland. We are looking for dancers with all kinds of backgrounds: The diversity of dance and dancers is one of our most important values.

We want to involve dancers as extensively as possible, so if you or your friend have a special skill, talent and/or attitude, it is definitely a good idea to participate.

We’re looking for inspirational dancers, so skills alone aren’t a guarantee of success.

  • Learn Moves Like Summer's challenge choreography.

  • Share your challenge video on TikTok by 28 February with @moveslikesummer and #moveslikesummeri. Please note that if you wish to participate in the competition, your TikTok profile must be public.

  • Participation in the challenge does not require joining the programme.

  • Read more on TikTok @moveslikesummeri

Please obtain consent to publish from any people in your video. We may include some of the TikTok videos in our content.

Selection of contestants, exercises and final

21 of the entrants submitting a challenge video will be selected to join the programme, and they will be divided into three teams led by top teachers and dancers Alex Komulainen, Sanaz Hassani and Samuli Emery.

Team exercises and construction of the final performance will be followed during the spring on Yle Summeri's social media channels.

Ambitious and fun joint exercise sessions, surprise guests and preparations for the final are the order of the day at bootcamps, which will be held in Helsinki on 25-27 March and 27-28 May. Youths are also provided with coaching in performance and publicity.

A psychologist, who will provide any necessary support to the participating youths, is also involved in the programme. The programme production covers the travel and accommodation costs of the selected contestants.

The shared experience culminates on 29 May with the final, which will be held at Erkko Hall in Dance House Helsinki. The final will be broadcast live on Yle channels.

In the finals, we’ll see which team has unlocked the hidden potential and collective power in themselves and created the most inspiring performance. The most important thing is collaboration.

The final broadcast will run for the entire evening, during which you’ll be treated to captivating artists and other entertainment, not to mention amazing dancing.


Of the three teams, the most inspiring team will win a training trip to London. The highlights of the trip will be filmed and shown on Yle Areena.

How do I know if I can join the programme?

Everyone can participate in the TikTok challenge.

Moves Like Summeri will contact some of the dancers between 14 February and 8 March 2022 by commenting on the challenge videos on TikTok.

Moves Like Summeri will then ask the participant to e-mail more information about themselves.

All participants in this second phase will be notified by Monday 14 March 2022 as to whether they will be included in the actual programme.


Moves Like Summeri is produced responsibly. Positivity, collaboration and diversity form the core of the programme's values. We don't create drama about being eliminated. Even though this is a competition, the teams also do things together, train together and encourage each other.

We highlight different dancers, dance styles and abilities, and give you an opportunity to participate in the programme regardless of where you live. You can participate by entering the TikTok Moves Like Summeri dance challenge.


Those who have succeeded in the Moves Like Summeri challenge commit to the following schedule:

25–27 March First bootcamp in Helsinki

27-28 May Second bootcamp in Helsinki

29 May Final at Dance House Helsinki

In addition, the coaches will hold a total of four days of in-person exercises per group between the bootcamps. There will also be remote exercises.

Consent and insurance

The participants will be asked for their consent to be filmed during the bootcamps, exercises and performances. Parental permission is required for children under 18 years of age.

Material for TikTok, YouTube and Yle Areena will be filmed during the bootcamps and exercises. The production company is Sakea, which assigns Yle the rights to the material filmed.

As a rule, the content will be organically distributed, but Yle has the right to purchase additional exposure for the content. The final performance will be broadcast live on Yle's channels. All selected performers are insured for the duration of the exercise and performance period.

Travel and accommodation expenses for the selected performers will be reimbursed.

Safe participation

We take COVID-19 safety measures during filming and events according to each situation.

We are committed to the principles of safer space.

For more information, visit the Culture for All website.


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