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Operating principles

Yle equality and non-discrimination plan 2023

Yle's central values are equality, non-discrimination and respect for everyone. We want to promote these values not only in the content we produce, but also as an employer.

We promote staff diversity and ensure the cohesion of the work community. We ensure and develop the realisation of equality and non-discrimination in pay, working conditions, development opportunities, well-being at work, occupational safety and management.

Yle's diverse personnel structure is a strength in particular in creating content and developing subscription services so that we can continue to reach all Finns and present an increasingly diverse image of Finland and the world.

Diversity also includes taking different views into account and strengthening and supporting an open discussion culture in the organisation and work community.

Mapping the gender equality situation in autumn 2022

Permanent Yle employees have an equal gender distribution of 50-50%. Women account for 60% of fixed-term employees. The equal gender distribution has remained unchanged for a long time.

In the largest task groups, the gender distribution is fairly even. The most common professional title is a journalist and the second most common producer. Women account for 56% of Yle's journalists and 59% of producers.

Then again, some of the smaller professional groups are still strongly gendered:

  • Women account for 94% of assistant producers

  • Women account for 94% of production coordinators

  • Women account for 92% of assistants

  • Women account for 73% of archivists.

In autumn 2022, the average salary of women was 96.7% of the average salary of men. The corresponding figure for employees working in the collective bargaining sector and those classified into categories (about three quarters of all Yle employees) was 99.3%.

Premises for promoting equality

  • At Yle, we promote gender equality and prevent discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression.

  • The personnel feel that Yle is an equal workplace.

  • We will continue to promote the balancing of work and family life.

  • We are promoting gender balance in currently strongly gendered task groups.

  • Salaries and remuneration are gender-independent at Yle.

Measures to promote equality in 2023

  • The annual pay survey monitors the realisation of equality between women and men in pay.

  • Personnel reporting regularly monitors the equal placement of women and men in different tasks.

  • We promote gender balance and diversity through, for example, employer image work and various projects.

  • In sport, we will continue the equality project.

  • In IT expert positions, we will continue measures to promote gender balance in IT expert positions.

  • Yle's recruitment catalogue has been renewed to make it more diverse, and we are experimenting with diverse recruitment methods, such as an anonymous competence sample and new application channels.

  • Yle uses Yle's Good Treatment operating model to prevent and investigate discrimination, harassment and bullying situations.

Promoting the balance between work and family life

  • Yle can almost always offer part-time work to those interested in it.

  • We welcome all family leaves.

  • We welcome place-independent work, while taking into account the needs of the position, team and function.

Non-discrimination plan

  • All Yle employees or those seeking employment at Yle are equal regardless of their age, ethnic and national origin, language, religion, belief, state of health, disability, sexual orientation or other similar reasons related to their person.

  • Promoting non-discrimination

  • We work actively at Yle to make us an interesting and attractive employer and a job for different applicants.

  • We will prevent discrimination and unequal treatment.

  • We do not allow discrimination, harassment, bullying or mistreatment.

  • We take care of the personnel's development opportunities, working conditions and well-being at work.

  • We appreciate and listen to our staff and promote a good working culture.

Measures to promote non-discrimination in 2023

  • We will continue with Yle's diversity traineeship programme launched in 2022, which aims to provide paid traineeships for several months, paying particular attention to the diversity perspective.

  • The News School starts its operations, a joint training programme for News and Current Affairs and the Sports and Events unit. Its aim is to increase the diversity of work communities and provide an entry point for those coming from outside the traditional journalist training.

  • Yle's good treatment operating model, which includes the prevention of harassment, bullying and inappropriate behaviour, identification, processing of the matter and corrective measures, will be prepared into a guide to help Yle’s employees to prevent inappropriate treatment, bullying and harassment.

  • Yle uses an ethical channel both internally and externally.

  • We support employees equally during different periods of their careers and life cycles and recognise the different needs and challenges of employees at different stages of their lives. The emphasis on age management and special support for older employees and employees approaching retirement age are part of the focus areas of well-being at work.

  • Young employees at the beginning of their careers are offered support on the themes of working life skills, self-management and functioning in the work community.

  • We will continue to coach supervisors and Yle employees on the Hearing and Caring operating model and the management and support of work ability operating models.

  • We will continue diversity and inclusion training for the entire personnel. Self-study material and a guide will be produced to support the training.

  • A collection of questions measuring inclusion has been added to Yle's personnel survey, on the basis of which the inclusion index is determined. Based on the results of the Inclusion Index, measures promoting diversity and inclusion work will be launched in 2023.

  • Yle's internal diversity network meets regularly. The aim of the network is to harmonise and develop both ongoing and planned diversity work in different units. We will continue the dialogue on experiences and good practices to promote equality and diversity, for example in the cooperation networks of public broadcasters. Yle also has an internal LGBTQ + network.

  • The Pride week is again visible in Yle's content and internally in the form of highlights suitable for the theme.

  • We will continue to interpret the CEO's information for Yle's employees into sign language.

  • Special attention will be paid to the accessibility of premises, for example, in the renovation of premises and in various equipment purchases. Meeting technology and various wireless solutions are designed to increase ease of use.

  • Training for personnel will be arranged on the Non-Discrimination Act and the Equality Act.

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