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Yle's year 2022

Financial figures 2022

Yle’s funding consists of an appropriation based on the Yle tax.

The annual Yle tax to be paid is 2.5 per cent of the part of an individual’s total income and capital income that exceeds EUR 14,000, but no more than EUR 163. The tax is personal, and it is collected from adult citizens. However, individuals with the lowest income are exempt from paying the tax.

Organisations and communities engaged in business operations shall also pay Yle tax according to their taxable income.

The appropriation is used to finance Yle’s television, radio and online contents. In 2022, Yle used 81 per cent of all the funds to produce contents and services for the Finnish audiences.

The general increase in costs is reflected, for example, in the rising prices of acquired broadcasting rights, as well as in increasing energy costs and other expenses. However, Yle’s finances have remained stable over the past few years and the company has boosted the efficiency of its operations.

Yle's turnover in 2022 was EUR 511.8 million (499.9)

Increase of 2.4 per cent from the previous year

The operating result for the financial period was EUR -2.6 million (-5.6), and the result for the financial period was EUR -3.0 million (-5.7). Although the result for the financial period was negative, it was slightly better than expected.

Yle’s performance varies annually, but any annual performance fluctuations must offset each other so that the company’s financials remain in balance over the long term.

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        • Wages 187.4 million euros

          At the end of the year, Yle had 2915 permanent employees with a monthly salary.

          The number of permanent employment relationships evenly divided between women and men.

          Personnel expenses accounted for 45.6 percent of all costs

        • Fees 10.4 million euros

          In addition to our own personnel, Yle employs talented people from dozens of different fields – ranging from programme producers to musicians, composers, scriptwriters, actors and actresses and production technology professionals.

          The average number of person-years in all employment relationships was 3343

        • Pension expenses 30.8 million euros

          Pension benefits for permanent employees with a monthly salary are managed by the Yleisradio Pension Fund.

        • Other social security expenses 7.0 million euros

          Social security contributions, unemployment insurance contributions, etc.

        • Domestic 35.9 million euros

          Yle mainly acquires drama, entertainment, documentaries and factual content from Finnish production companies

        • Foreign and sports 30.5 million euros

          International programme procurements mainly include drama, documentaries and children's content

          In terms of sports, 2022 was a super year of major competitions. Yle offered a wide selection of international top-level sports events and Finnish winter and summer sports on its television and radio channels as well as its online services.

          Yle also highlights sports with a smaller number of enthusiasts in its sports broadcasting and promotes their visibility.

        • ICT and production technology 11.9 million euros

          Software licences, ICT and production technology

        • Buildings and structures 5.4 million euros

          The buildings mainly consist of the premises in Pasila

        • Music broadcasting fees 24.2 million euros

          Music broadcasting and copyright fees

          Compensations for collecting societies that represent musicians, record producers and performing artists

        • Other broadcasting fees 14.2 million euros

          Muut esitys- ja tekijänoikeuskorvaukset

          Broadcasting right fees, rebroadcasting fees and other legal fees related to the programmes

        • Broadcasting production services 16.8 million euros

          Cinematography, editing, graphics, organisation, scenography, etc.

        • Other broadcasting services 7.2 million euros

          E.g. translation and dubbing services as well as fees to interviewees, experts and contributors

        • Broadcasting supplies 2.1 million euros

          E.g. props, sets, wardrobe

        • Radio distribution

          6 radio stations, 88,321 hours of programming

          Radio programme content was 99 per cent domestically produced

        • TV distribution

          3 television channels, 19,238 hours of programming

          All TV channels are also available in HD, i.e. high-definition

          54 per cent of Yle's television programmes were of domestic origin and 88 percent were from Europe

        • Broadband distribution

          Streaming of all radio and television channels is possible via Yle Areena

          Yle Areena is accessed more than 5 million times every day

          Finns were particularly interested in watching sports and domestic fiction in Yle Areena.

        • Technology service purchases 11.0 million euros

          The transfer of media production to a technology architecture based on IP, software and cloud-based solutions has accelerated. This trend is also reflected in Yle’s technological reform

        • Software and maintenance 14.4 million euros

          Software licenses, maintenance and support fees, cloud charges

        • Technology consulting 19.4 million euros

          Technology expert work and technology consulting

        • Telecommunications costs 3.8 million euros

          Mobile and other telecommunications charges

        • Land and facility rents 8.7 million euros

          Regional offices throughout Finland

          Land rents mainly in Pasila

        • Other rents 3.3 million euros

          Rents for car leasing, programme production sites, programme supplies, etc.

        • HVAC expenses 3.8 million euros

          Heating, electricity, cooling, water

        • Other real estate expenses 7.4 million euros

          Cleaning and sanitation, waste management, security and safety, property management services, property repair and maintenance, property tax, etc.

        • Travel expenses 7.3 million euros

          Domestic and foreign travel expenses

        • Entertainment and meeting expenses 1.5 million euros

          Catering, etc.

        • Voluntary personnel costs 5.9 million euros

          Occupational health care, personnel meals, training, etc.

        • Office expenses and purchases of small equipment 2.7 million euros

          Phones, monitors, etc.

        • Experts, consulting, studies 5.6 million euros

          Customer surveys, financial audit, legal services, recruitment services, etc.

        • Other external services 3.0 million euros

          Installation and maintenance of equipment, transport, moving services, etc.

        • Other miscellaneous expenses 4.9 million euros

          Insurances, marketing expenses, bank expenses, etc.

    A steady employer

    At the end of the year, Yle had 2,915 permanent salaried employees, which is 27 fewer than at the end of 2021. The average total number of person-years in all employment relationships was 3,343 which was 18 person-years less than in the previous year.

    Yle’s tax footprint is rather sizeable, and it benefits the Finnish society in its entirety.

      Promoter and enabler of the creative sector

      Yle employs thousands of Finns directly and indirectly, and the company plays an essential part especially in the Finnish creative sector. In 2022, Yle paid EUR 14.2 million in copyright fees and a total of EUR 84.1 million for Finnish broadcasting rights, music broadcasting rights and other broadcasting services. In addition, Yle funded 14 full-length and 20 short Finnish films and offered job opportunities to 4,031 freelancers in the field.

      Seidi Haarla elokuvassa Hytti nro 6.
      Image caption Yle was one of the financiers of the film Hytti no. 6. In the picture the actress Seidi Haarla.
      Image: ©Sony Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection/All Over Press

      Key figures

      Scope of operations (EUR million / %)
      Net turnover511,8499,9487,6478,0471,6
      Change, %2,42,52,01,3-0,1
      Other operating income2,32,62,62,72,7
      Change, %-13,2-0,3-1,2-1,6-0,4
      Cost and amortisation *516,7508,2481,4474,5481,8
      Change, %1,75,61,5-1,53,0
      Balance sheet total335,2372,0368,7308,7315,4
      Gross capital investments, tangible and intangible assets **12,817,414,920,717,7
      % of net turnover2,53,53,14,33,7

      * Financial expenses excluded
      ** Excluding broadcasting rights acquisitions

      Profitability (EUR million / %)
      % of net turnover16,315,617,416,414,7
      Operating profit (loss)-2,6-5,68,86,1-7,5
      % of net turnover-0,5-1,11,81,3-1,6
      Profit (loss) for the financial year-3,0-5,77,26,0-5,5
      % of net turnover-0,6-1,11,51,3-1,2
      Financing and financial position
      Quick ratio0,20,20,20,30,4
      Equity ratio, %39,936,838,743,841,0
      Interest-bearing liabilities (EUR million)43,357,647,061,248,8
      Interest-bearing debts (EUR million)29,533,418,029,112,9

      Quick ratio = Currents assets / Current liabilities

      Equity ratio= Equity / Balance sheet total x 100

      Interest-bearing net debt = Interest-bearing liabilities - Cash and cash equivalents

      Average number of personnel years during the period ***3 3433 3613 2963 3043 309
      Wages, salaries (EUR million)187,4183,0175,2171,4167,8
      Fees (EUR million)10,411,411,011,613,1
      Wages, salaries and fees total (EUR million)197,8194,5186,2182,9180,9

      *** Includes permanent, fixed-term, hourly and performance-based employments relationships

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