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Yle's organisation

Yle's responsible editors

According to the Act on the Exercise of Freedom of Expression in Mass Media a responsible editor shall be designated for a network publication and a programme.

Responsible editor's duty is to direct and supervise editorial work. The responsible editors make sure that the law, ethical guidelines and other directions of the company are followed in the production and publication of Yle's content

Yle's responsible editors

Jouko Jokisen potretti

Jouko Jokinen, Director, Responsible editor, News and Current Affairs

  • The news, current affairs and regional content in Finnish in all mediums

  • The news and current affairs programmes as well as related content in English, Russian and sign language in all mediums

Panu Pokkisen potretti-kuva.

Panu Pokkinen, Director, Responsible editor, Sports and Events

  • The sport events and sport news in all mediums

  • The events produced by The Sports and Events unit in all mediums

Ville Vilénin potretti.

Ville Vilén, Director, Responsible editor, Creative Content and Media

  • The Drama, Factual, Culture and Entertainment content as well as the content for Children and Youth in all mediums in Finnish

  • Archive content in all mediums

  • International and Domestic Programme Acquisitions

  • The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, FRSO

Kuvassa Johanna Törn-Mangs

Johanna Törn-Mangs, Director, Responsible editor, Swedish Yle

  • The content in Swedish in all mediums

Maiju Saijetsin potrettikuva.

Maiju Saijets, Head of Department, Responsible editor, Yle Sápmi

  • The content in Sami language in all mediums

Devotional programmes

  • in Finnish: Kimmo Saares, Communications Centre, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland

  • in Swedish: Lucas Snellman, Church Center for Work in Swedish

  • in Sámi language: Erva Niittyvuopio, The Chapter of the Diocese of Oulu

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