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Guidelines for discussion

Guidelines for user discussions on websites and social media accounts maintained by Yle

Yle supports democracy and citizens’ opportunities to participate through diverse discussions in the services and social media accounts maintained by Yle.

Yle may use users’ comments as they are or to facilitate the creation of new content on television, radio or the Internet.

We expect online discussion to be conducted in a good spirit, with respect for the opinions of other users.

You can take part in Yle’s discussions either under your own name or a pseudonym. The use of your own name usually gives your comments more weight than a pseudonym. If you do not want to use your own name, choose a pseudonym that does not offend other users and is easily recognisable as a pseudonym. This means that it should not resemble a common name.

Users are always responsible for their own text and any other material they post. Yle does not publish comments which offend human dignity, incite criminal activity or racism, or which are otherwise inappropriate or contrary to good journalistic practice.

Yle’s discussion forums comply with the following etiquette:

  • State your own point of view, listen, ask, give reasons for your opinion. Your point of view is important, as are the points of view of other users. Think about what you write.

  • Stay on topic. Aim for a form of expression that keeps up the interest of other users. A text that is brief and to the point is better than a long explanation. Comments that are too lengthy may be rejected.

  • Do not repeat yourself. The content of comments – and thereby the content of the discussion – is more important than their volume.

  • We do not publish hate speech, such as threats, mocking or racist comments, or comments that incite criminal activity. Ethnic agitation, for example, is an offence. Do not insult anyone or infringe on their privacy.

  • We do not, as a rule, publish links.

  • As a public service medium, we are free of advertisements. Please do not advertise events, products or services or engage in direct political promotion.

  • Post only material you have the right to publish.

  • Everything that is illegal in the first place is also illegal on the Internet.

  • In the event of inappropriateness or illegality, we may close down discussion forums temporarily or permanently. Yle may prevent the participation of users who fail to comply with the guidelines for discussion or who otherwise disrupt the discussion.

  • Avoid expletives and writing only in capital letters. In other words, do not shout!


Yle’s websites apply either pre-moderation or post-moderation to discussions. In pre-moderation, the website’s administrators either accept or reject a comment. A comment added to a discussion will be displayed only after pre-moderation.

Discussion moderation is carried out primarily during office hours, but also during other hours, for example on the pages of radio and TV shows during their broadcasting hours. In pre-moderation, comments are published as quickly as possible. In the evenings and during weekends, the moderation process is slower.

In the news service, discussion may also be pre-moderated during other hours.

In post-moderated websites, any inappropriate or illegal posts are removed as quickly as possible. If you think that a comment posted in a discussion is inappropriate, you can report it to the page’s administrator by clicking on the ‘Report inappropriate comment’ button.

You can also send us feedback by going to

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