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Yle brand, visual image and logos

This document offers detailed instructions for using the Yle brand and logos. You may also download logos through the links below.

Please note that all Yle content is protected by the Copyright Act. The Copyright Act also protects graphics and logos.

You need separate permission to use the Yle brand or any of its elements, such as logos. To obtain permission, contact Yle brand management (

Yle's logo in turquoise color.

Yle brand

Yle brand refers to the image customers and audiences have of Yle. The Yle brand promise – what we promise to audiences and citizens, and what they should expect from us – is a combination of the Yle mission and values.

Yle gives and keeps its promise according to its values: reliably and independently, while respecting every individual. This forms the core of the Yle brand.

It is often thought that the brand is only built through marketing. In fact, the brand image consists of all Yle services, programmes and channels, as well as all of those people who appear in Yle content or work for Yle. Moreover, all private and public discussions of Yle shape the Yle brand image.

We want audiences to feel that Yle is there for them. At the same time, Yle is part of the Finnish story and history.

Names and orthography

Name of the company

The name of the company is written as Yle, not YLE. In Finnish and Swedish, the primary name is Yle. In official contexts, the name is Yleisradio Oy (in Finnish) or Rundradion Ab (in Swedish). The company's official name in English is Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Names of services

The names of channels and services are written as follows:

Names of services
Yle TV1Yle Radio Suomiyle.fiYle UutisetYle Teksti-TV
Yle TV2Yle Radio 1Yle AreenaYle Nyheter
Yle Teema & FemYle PuheYle ArenanYle News
Yle TeemaYleXYle Elävä arkistoYle Urheilu
Yle FemYle VegaYle ArkivetYle Sporten
TV FinlandYle X3MYle Sport
Yle Mondo
Yle Klassinen

Yle logo

The Yle logo is available in turquoise, black-and-white and white versions. The turquoise logo is mainly used in the corporate-level visual image of Yle, marketing and communications.

In the turquoise and black-and-white versions, the text “Yle” is white. In the white logo version, the text is open, with the background colour being visible through the lettering.

The white logo must not be converted in a turquoise or black version, and the turquoise logo must not be changed white. If the logo is placed in a photo, either the white or black-and-white version is selected according to the photo background value.

Yle's logo in turquoise color.

Download different versions of the Yle corporate logo here

Different versions of the Yle corporate logo can be found in the folder.

Ylen logon väriversiot
Image caption Coloured versions of the Yle logo.
Image: Yle

Logo buffer zone

No text, logos, graphics or any other content can be placed inside the buffer zone of the Yle logo. The logo buffer zone is defined on the basis of the width of the logo. If the width of the logo is 3x, the buffer zone around the logo is x, i.e. one-third of the width of the logo.

Examples: Buffer zones of Yle Teema logos. The name of the channel is inside the buffer zone.

Yles logos and their protected areas.
Image caption Buffer zones of the Yle logo.
Image: Yle

The logo must not be edited

The shape, setting, elements, buffer zones or colour of the logo must not be edited.

The logo text must not be detached from the basic logo format. No graphics or images can be placed in the logo buffer zone or on the logo. No separate versions of the logo can be made. The logo must stand out from its background. The white logo must not be converted in a turquoise or black version, and the turquoise logo must not be changed white.

Ylen logoa ei saa muokata
Image caption The Yle logo must not be edited.
Image: Yle

Yle service logos

Logos of Yle channels and services are used on the company's channels and in its applications as black-and-white or white versions. The logo version is only used on such colour backgrounds or images, from which it stands out clearly.

Basic versions of Yle channel logos

Download channel logos through these links:
Yle TV1 - Yle TV1 HD
Yle TV2 - Yle TV2 HD
Yle Teema - Yle Teema HD
Yle Fem - Yle Fem HD

Yle Radio Suomi
Yle Radio Suomi - alueradiot
Yle Radio 1
Yle Puhe
Yle Vega
Yle Vega - alueradiot
Yle X3M
Yle Mondo
Yle Klassinen
Yle Sámi Radio

Yle Areena - Yle Arenan
Yle Elävä arkisto - Yle Arkivet
TV Finland

Yle Uutiset - Yle Nyheter - Yle News - Yle Novosti
Yle Urheilu - Yle Sporten - Yle Sport

Coloured versions of Yle channel logos

There are also coloured logo versions for programme guides, brochures and other situations where TV or radio channel logos are presented as a group. If you need these versions, please contact Yle communications (

Ylen tv-kanavien värilliset logot
Image caption Ylen tv-kanavien värilliset logot.

Channel and service logos placed one below the other

Primarily, horizontally placed logos are to be used.

However, vertically positioned versions of channel and service logos can be used if horizontal logos cannot be fitted properly into the background, such as in the Facebook profile picture or TV guides.

Logos in printed products

In all printed products, logos must be positioned in the top left-hand corner whenever possible. Such printed products include forms, postcards, posters, advertisements, roll-ups, brochures and other publications.

General logo instructions are applied to the use of the logo and the selection of the colour version. The logo must not be coloured separately to better match the overall colours of the printed product; instead, the most suitable version needs to be selected for each printed product.

The following sizes of the logo must be used according to the size of paper. If your printed product differs from these standards, select the logo of the next closest size.

The size is always defined as the height of the corporate logo, also in channel and service logo combinations. The minimum height of the Yle logo is 6 mm for the corporate logo and service logo combinations.

A6 = 10 mm (7 mm from the edges)
A5 = 13 mm (10 mm from the edges)
A4 = 16 mm (12 mm from the edges)
A3 = 22 mm (16 mm from the edges)
A2 = 30 mm (20 mm from the edges)
A1 = 40 mm (28 mm from the edges)
A0 = 55 mm (35 mm from the edges)

Ylen logot painotuotteissa
Image caption Yle logos in printed products.
Image: Yle


The main colour of Yle is turquoise.
sRGB 0, 180, 200
PMS 3125
CMYK 95, 0, 25 ,0

In digital environments, the RGB colour or HTML colour of the logo must be used.
In one-colour printing, the PMS colour must be used.
In four-colour printing, the CMYK colour must be used.

Grey or silver can be used as an additional colour.
sRGB 187, 188, 188
PMS Cool Gray 4
CMYK 0, 0, 0, 35

The additional colour palette can only be used in corporate-level publications, presentations, informative graphics, graphs and visual elements. The colour palette can also be used as a reference in visual programme images and productions.

Ylen väripaletti
Image caption Yle colour palette.
Image: Yle


The Yle font type of Yle must be used in all corporate-level communications and marketing materials. The Yle font type must not be used in programme production.

The Yle font type can only be used for purposes of Yle. After use, the font type must be removed from all devices outside Yle.

To obtain the Yle font type, contact Yle communications (

Image caption Yle font type.
Image: Yle

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